Axial Needs To Build This Solid Axle Monster Truck

Axial Needs To Build This Solid Axle Monster Truck


I have spent years building solid axle monster trucks in a quest to build one that will out perform anything out there. I even designed and built my own truck from the ground up. The second I saw the back half of an Axial Yeti I knew that my dream of building the best handling truck was about to come true. I gathered up the parts, did some thinking, and ended up with what you see here. That’s all the info that you’re going to get on this one. To find out more you’ll have to check out the spring edition of Radio Control Monster Trucks. Here are a few sneak peak pictures. All we have to do now is get Axial to produce and sell this awesome monster truck.

0222_Axial_Yeti MT_Action (Copy)

Yep, it sure does carve up the turns! This truck is fast and handles very well.


0001_Axial_Yeti MT_Studio (Copy)

This build went together very well and in the end it looks like it’s something that came out of the Axial factory. Please build one Axial!


0010_Axial_Yeti MT_Studio (Copy)

A few simple custom made parts were needed to connect two rear Yeti suspensions together. An LRP power system, Futaba servo and radio and Maxamps battery make it go.



See it in our Monster Trucks special issue, on sale now!

Monster Trucks Specia Axial MT



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Updated: March 31, 2016 — 3:31 PM


  1. ether way this build is if nothing else in its own way cool. and on a side note the ar60 axles have been around since the wraith came out the yeti xl is the larger version of the yetis tho i would love to see a xl wraith think it would be cool…

  2. Top ever Kev!

    It’s brilliant!!!

    The wheels seem like they’d look perfect if they were a bit bigger, due to the long wheelbase of the truck.

    But how well does it steer! Impressive!

  3. Yeti is 1/8scale not 1/10…wraith axels are smaller than the Yeti….

    1. Nope,

      Yeti and Wraith both use AR60 axles. And they are identicle.

      The width is made up from wide offset adapters in the rear, and EXO front end on the yeti.

  4. So it’s basically just a stretched, widened AX10 with some sway bars and the shocks moved to the links. Prolly would have been easier to just get a Deadbolt, some Yeti rear links and some axle extenders.

    1. Not an AX10. They’re Yeti axles, which are the same AR60 axles you find on the rear of the Wraith. The Wraith has a steerable AR60 front axle, as well.

      1. So a wroncho or a wreadbolt then?

      2. Yes, and the AX10 Deadbolt uses the AR60 axles as well, it’s just a short wheelbase Wraith with without the full cage. You might be thinking of the SXC10 Deadbolt.

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