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Axial August Releases

Axial August Releases

New from Axial:

Name:  ax30760_xr10_aluminum_steering_knuckle.jpg
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Name:  ax30762_xr10_aluminum_c-hub_carrier.jpg
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XR10 Aluminum Parts

  • Replaces the stock plastic C-Hubs and plastic steering knuckles for increased strength.
  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum anodized black with laser etched Axial logos.
  • Purchase the complete Stage 1 Aluminum Upgrade Kit or purchase parts separately.
  • Hardware included for steering arm.

AX30432 XR10 Stage 1 Aluminum Upgrade Kit $115.00
AX30760 XR10 Aluminum Steering Knuckle (Black) (2pcs) $50.00
AX30762 XR10 Aluminum C-Hub Carrier (Black) (2pcs) $45.00
AX30763 XR10 Aluminum Straight Axle Adapters (Black) (2pcs) $35.00

Name:  ax08133_2_2beadlock_ring_grey.jpg
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Name:  ax30757_2_2carbon_fiber_weight_lock_lo-res1.jpg
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2.2 VWS Beadlock Wheel Parts

  • The Grey Anodized 2.2 VWS Machined Beadlock Rings are direct replacements for all 2.2 VWS wheels.
  • 2.2 VWS Carbon Fiber Wheel Weight Lock replaces the stock plastic lock to increase rigidity

AX08133 2.2 VWS Machined Beadlock Ring (Grey) (2pcs) $26.00
AX30757 2.2 VWS Carbon Fiber Wheel Weight Lock (2pcs) $20.00

Name:  ax30433_xr10_stage2_upgrade_kit.jpg
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Name:  ax30750_xr10_carbon_fiber_chassis.jpg
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Name:  ax30752_xr10_carbon_fiber_shock_mounts.jpg
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Name:  ax30753_xr10_carbon_fiber_servo_steering_set.jpg
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XR10 Carbon Fiber Parts

  • Replaces the stock aluminum XR10 components.
  • Purchase the complete XR10 Stage 2 Carbon Fiber Upgrade Kit or purchase the parts separately.
  • Reduces weight where it matters most.
  • The complete Stage 2 Kit provides a 50% weight savings vs. the stock components.
  • Stage 2 kit includes required aluminum spacers and chassis plates.
  • All carbon fiber components are CNC machined for exacting tolerances

AX30433 XR10 Stage 2 Carbon Fiber Upgrade Kit $90.00
AX30750 XR10 Carbon Fiber Chassis Set (2pcs) $40.00
AX30752 XR10 Carbon Fiber Shock Mounts (2pcs) $22.00
AX30753 XR10 Carbon Fiber F/R Servo Mounts and Steering Arm Set $22.00

Name:  ax30569_14t_pinion.jpg
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Steel Pinions

  • Steel 48P Pinions.
  • Fits 3.15mm (0.125″) Standard 540 Motor shafts.
  • Compatible with XR10, AX10, SCX10, and all other RC’s using 48 pitch gears.
  • Includes extra set screws.

AX30569 Pinion 48P 14T – Steel $6.00
AX30571 Pinion 48P 13T – Steel $6.00
AX30573 Pinion 48P 15T – Steel $6.00

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