Avid New Motor Bearing & Ceramic Motor Bearing Lineup

Avid New Motor Bearing & Ceramic Motor Bearing Lineup

From Avid:
Our updated motor bearing lineup is designed to improve performance and increase lifespan in RC motors. We use chrome steel rings that are polished to a mirror-like finish to reduce noise and vibration, and maintain a very tight ABEC7 tolerance to minimize play in the bearing. In our ceramic versions, we use silicone nitride ceramic balls (Si3N4) for a smooth, slippery surface. All of our motor bearings also feature a nylon cage instead of metal, which prevents expansion under heat for improved performance. Additionally, we use high-speed oil for low-friction rotation and metal shields to reduce contact on the races and protect against debris.


  • ABEC7 tolerances allow the rotor to maintain its location while under loads.
  • Deep groove chrome steel 52100 rings with a premium surface finish, smoother than stainless steel for better performance.
  • Nylon cage instead of metal so there is no expansion from heat, keeping friction to a minimum.
  • Silicone nitride ceramic balls (Si3N4) for a perfectly rounded slippery ball (*ceramic versions only*).
  • Lubricated with high-speed AeroShell light oil.

#625ZZE – 5x16x5 Motor Bearing – $5.00
#625ZZCE – 5x16x5 Ceramic Motor Bearing – $10.00
#605ZZE – 5x14x5 Motor Bearing – $5.00
#605ZZCE – 5x14x5 Ceramic Motor Bearing – $10.00
#685ZZE – 5x11x5 Motor Bearing – $5.00
#685ZZCE – 5x11x5 Ceramic Motor Bearing – $10.00
#624ZZE – 4x13x5 Motor Bearing – $5.00
#624ZZCE – 4x13x5 Ceramic Motor Bearing – $10.00
#684ZZE – 4x9x4 Motor Bearing – $5.00
#684ZZCE – 4x9x4 Ceramic Motor Bearing – $10.00
#693ZZE – 3x8x4 Motor Bearing – $5.00
#693ZZCE – 3x8x4 Ceramic Motor Bearing – $10.00
#R2ZZE – 1/8×3/8×5/32 Motor Bearing – $5.00
#R2ZZCE – 1/8×3/8×5/32 Ceramic Motor Bearing – $10.00
#R25ZZE – 1/8×5/16×9/64 Motor Bearing – $5.00
#R25ZZCE – 1/8×5/16×9/64 Ceramic Motor Bearing – $10.00
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Updated: December 27, 2022 — 9:24 PM
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