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Avid B6 & B6D Titanium Screw Kit

Avid B6 & B6D Titanium Screw Kit

From Avid:

B6 / B6D Titanium Screw Kit (90) is a full kit that can be used on both B6 editions.


  • Contains card insert with screw sizes in each bag for quicker locating.
  • Lose weight over the kit steel screws (40% weight reduction).
  • Each package includes (4) labeled screw bags, card insert, and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.
  • Fits: B6, B6D

Screw Bag Contents:


o BH M3x8 (11)
o BH M3x14 (14)
o FH M3x8 (8)

o BH M3x10 (4)
o FH M3x16 (6)
o FH M3x10 (13)

o BH M3x12 (14)
o FH M3x12 (8)

Bag D
o BH M3x6 (4)
o BH M3x20 (6)
o BH M3x25 (2)

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Updated: October 14, 2016 — 2:17 PM
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