Avid 12mm Avert Design Aluminum Spring Cups And Machined Shock Pistons

Avid 12mm Avert Design Aluminum Spring Cups And Machined Shock Pistons

Avid has updated their popular Avert Design spring cups to fit the new Team Associated 12mm big bore shocks, plus they now offer a selection of 12mm pistons for popular Team Associated, TLR, and Kyosho rides. Check out all the details in the press releases below:

Avert Design Aluminum Spring Cups for B4.1, B44.2, T4.1*, SC10*

The new 12mm Team Associated big-bore shocks are finally here, and AVID is releasing our popular Avert Aluminum Spring cups with some adjustments to fit perfectly with the new shock. AVID made a smaller 3mm slot and tighter fit over the shock eyelet to keep the spring cups secure and prevent shock shafts from pulling out of the plastic shock end. The Avert spring cups add extra security to your ride without sacrificing weight or putting a huge dent in your racing budget.

1. Fits B4.1, B44.2, SC10 rear, T4.1 rear with standard springs*. Requires taller 2.1” truck front springs for T4.1 front and SC10 front. *Height equivalent to +5 Associated spring cup and TLR 22 spring cup.
2. Unique angled slot design: Avert Aluminum Spring Cups add 2 elements of safety.

a. A rigid aluminum spring cup won’t flex and spread open, slipping off of the shock end in a crash.
b. The angled slot design adds another element of interference to keep the spring cups from popping off in a crash. The spring cup must lift completely off of the eyelet for removal.

3. Tall inner perch to prevent spring from getting knocked off the spring cup in a crash
4. Smooth surface is easy to clean. No nooks and crannys for dirt to get trapped in!
5. 1.3g each. Minimum Weight, Maximum Durability.
6. 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy, precision CNC machined, black anodized with laser etched logo
7. Each package includes 4 spring cups and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.

Note: The original AV1012 Aluminum Spring Cups are designed with a 3.5mm slot and larger shock end cavity to fit the TLR 22 family of buggies and trucks. You can still run the AV1012 on your V2 or big-bore shocks, but we made the AV1017 with a tighter fit for added durability.

AV1017 – Aluminum Spring Cups Avert Design Associated Big Bores for B4.1, B44.2, T4.1*, SC10*- $20.00

*These spring cups do not work on a truck with 1.75” buggy length front spring.

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Avid 12mm Avert Design Aluminum Spring Cups And Machined Shock PistonsMachined 12mm Shock Pistons for Associated, Losi, Kyosho

AVID is proud to announce our lineup of machined shock piston sets. The goal of these pistons was to reduce the oil blow-by on the outside of the piston and to tune the damping with the piston valving.

The 1031 pistons represent AVIDs latest development concept which helps tune high speed and low speed damping separately. This simple solution is a 4 hole piston with 2 large and 2 small holes (we call it the 2+2 piston) , and AVID’s test drivers found that these pistons help provide the traction and bump handling of running lighter shock oil or larger piston holes, while still maintaining the control of running heavier oil or smaller hole piston when taking on jumps.

AV1031-1.5-1.1-F – 12mm 2+2 Piston, 1.5 and 1.1, Flat Associated, TLR, Kyosho – $16.00
AV1031-1.6-1.1-F – 12mm 2+2 Piston, 1.5 and 1.1, Flat Associated, TLR, Kyosho – $16.00

*Rule of thumb: Use 1.5+1.1 piston in replacement of the 2 x 1.6. In buggy, typically start with 30 wt oil front and 27.5 or 30wt rear. Use 1.6+1.1 piston in replacement of the 2 x 1.7. In buggy or truck, typically start with 30 or 32.5 wt oil in rear shocks. For a 4wd buggy, we recommend 1.5+1.1 front with 35 wt and 1.6+1.1 rear with 30 wt.

The 1030 series pistons have all holes of the same drill size for those who prefer a more conventional setup but with a tight-fitting piston that has little blow-by. AVID offers popular 2 hole 1.6mm and 4 hole 1.3mm (#55) flat pistons.

Piston Features:

1. Fits 12mm shocks for Team Associated, TLR 22, and Kyosho (12mm bore, 3mm hole, 2.5mm thick)
2. Machined round with a tighter fit to bore of the shock body for less blow-by
3. AV1031 pistons with 2+2 valving offer increased traction without sacrificing jump handling or driveability.
4. Each package includes 4 pistons inside of a Doodad container printed with AVID logo.

AV1030-2×1.6-F – 12mm Piston, 2 x 1.6, Flat Associated, TLR, Kyosho – $16.00
AV1030-4×1.3-F – 12mm Piston, 4 x 1.3, Flat Associated, TLR, Kyosho – $16.00

See the AVID site for more setups as they become available.

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