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Available Now! Helicopter Aerobatics Made Easy DVD

Available Now! Helicopter Aerobatics Made Easy DVD

This high-definition, one-hour DVD tells you everything you need to know to become a hotshot aerobatic pilot! World helicopter champion Jamie Robertson shows you how to perform 16 popular aerobatic maneuvers, from pirouettes to rolls, flips, and loops to the Rainbow and even an Inverted Funnel. You’ll learn fast with his detailed, step-by-step instructions, up-close radio stick movements, and heli setup secrets. In no time, you’ll be the pilot to watch!

■ 16 show-stopping aerobatic moves
■ Normal and slow-motion flight views
■ Close-up transmitter stick movement
■ Detailed flight explanations
■ Expert flight tips for success

 Available now at AirAgeStore.com. Click here!

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