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Christopher Oswald
- Winnipeg, Mb, Canada - Over the years Christopher has hand built and designed numerous homemade and customized RC projects. He has also built a large number of the top beginner and expert kits in the industry. He has raced RC cars and trucks competitively in his area of Canada, and is always looking for new tracks to check out. In the past, he has worked for one of the largest hobby supply stores in Canada. It services hundreds of hobbyists across Canada and the United States. That job gave him the opportunity to share the hobby with others and help both new and experienced enthusiasts. After leaving the hobby store Christopher went on to pursue an automotive repair career. When he isn’t fixing cars both big and small, and writing for RC Car Action, you can find him relaxing with his wife and three dogs, racing at the local community race track, camping in the summer and bike riding along Canada’s scenic road ways and parks.
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