Arrma Boost 4X4 Transmission Upgrade Set

Arrma Boost  4X4 Transmission Upgrade Set


Arrma offers a complete Boost lineup of RTR trucks to suit the needs of beginning RC enthusiasts. All current Boost models are two-wheel-drive, trimmed-down versions of their existing 4×4 siblings. This is excellent, as it keeps prices down for enthusiasts just getting into the hobby, and when they find themselves wanting to upgrade to the high traction of 4×4, they can do so easily with this 4×4 Transmission Upgrade Set.

The 4×4 upgrade set is a full setup of parts needed to convert an Arrma Boost truck from two-wheel to four-wheel drive. The upgrade set comes complete with everything needed for the upgrade, including a pre-built, fluid-filled front differential, slip joint outdrives and outer axles, and a spring-loaded adjustable center driveshaft. All parts are made from the same great composite material as standard Arrma parts. The differential also comes pre-installed in its own outer cage for easy installation.


Upgrade kits can really run the whole gamut from just a bunch of loose parts thrown into a bag to a fully curated set of parts with detailed information and packaging. The Arrma Boost 4×4 upgrade set falls into that second category. The parts kit feels like a true factory upgrade setup. That sounds silly, because it is a factory upgrade set, but what I mean by that is it just feels exactly how it should—a perfect fit. All parts are packaged with care, complete with detailed instructions inside the nicely labeled cardboard box, and Arrma even includes a 4×4 decal sheet. The level of quality of pre-assembled parts is also really nice to see, so rather than you having to assemble your own diff it’s already done and ready to be installed. I don’t shy away from building my own kits, but I admire it when companies take this kind of care with their pre-built parts. It all ties into the mindset behind RTR kits, which is to make RC accessible to everyone from all walks of life and skill levels.

For a more in-depth look into the quality and installation of this upgrade set, turn to page 60 to read the installation guide included in this issue.

Arrma Boost  4X4 Transmission Upgrade Set

Arrma Boost 4X4 Transmission Upgrade Set
P/N: ARA210003
MSRP: $39.99

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