Are tractor trailer trucks going to be the next big craze?

Are tractor trailer trucks going to be the next big craze?

Since scale vehicles are growing in popularity these days do you guys think that we’ll see a rise in the amount of tractor trailer type trucks being built? Who doesn’t love big tractor trailer trucks? I’ve built a few Tamiya trucks and even a Wedico in my time at RC Car Action and they were some of the coolest trucks to play with. I even build a tricked out Tamiya King Hauler with detailed interior. Do you think that the reason why we don’t see more of them is because they are slightly smaller in scale than the rock crawlers and scale pickup trucks that we are building today? There are so many ways to trick these big rigs out and you can find a few clubs around the country who have build some amazing machines. I hope these big trucks catch on.

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Updated: May 17, 2011 — 5:10 PM


  1. People think they need fast, off road, or basher Semi’s, no, no, and no.

    These are scale trucks, they do exactly what they need to do, I would have 100 if I could afford them. Right now im saving up for one.

    If I want to go fast, or bash something, I can do that in real life, go rent a sports car, or go 4×4 in a truck.

    I’d need 10,000 to get a license for a Semi, not to mention, a 25,000 used truck. Then a trailer.

    What we need is more companys building these, at a better price, don’t make them into off road buggys, make them more affordable models, the best part, is the tamiya trucks have more hop ups then i can count.

  2. I agree, the price is way too high for the average Joe. in this economy, with fewer, lower paying jobs, many people with good model building skills are simply left out of the market. Unless you are really good at starting from scratch by building your own chassis, custom kits are the only alternative

  3. The single biggest obstacle for this aspect of the hobby is the sheer expense of the tractor and trailer kits. For the investment in getting a single tractor-trailer rig you can buy 2-3 (or more) other RC cars and still have money left over for aftermarket parts. I’d love to get into the big rigs in RC, but unless the prices come WAY down it isn’t going to happen.

  4. Put it to ya this way: The Tamiya semis are the only electrics I want.

    Still want a nitro variant though.

  5. You guys may be onto something here. I just purchased the king hauler mainly because everything I read about it said it would be the most satisfying build that you could ever do, and that’s exactly what it was! I have been an avid R/C guy for 25 years, but it all started by building glue together model cars. The king hauler is an amazing mix of both skills and the finished product is simply amazing. The only downside is the cost of these things, however I am looking forward to years of upgrading and adding trailers, MFU’s etc. I hope this segment of R/C really takes off.

  6. R/C Trailer Trucks and the checklist for successful r/c segment:

    cool-looking – ding
    scale appearance – ding
    possible niche market to keep the segment going – ding
    affordability: FAIL

    There are few segments of the hobby (especially non-racing oriented) that cost as much as scale rigs. I just can’t see it happening.

  7. With all of that brushless power being thrown around these days, I am surprised that we haven’t seen a resurgence in tractor pulls…

  8. Maybe a 2.2 brushless 1:10 scale 2 speed big rig would be cool using prolines old T-maxx semi shell. I think the modern version is the Unimogs and Dakar style off road semi’s. Does anyone remember the Thunder tiger Nitro on-road Euro racing semi ?

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