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April 2011

April 2011

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April 2011 Issue of RC Car Action:

54 First Drive: Team Associated SC10 4×4 Read it now
All new from the ground up
By Stephen Bess

72 RC Exposed
We open it so you don’t have to
By Kevin Hetmanski

116 RCX
Don’t miss the world’s ultimate RC expo!

64 Losi Mini SCT
Full-size fun in a pint-size package
By Kevin Hetmanski

78  Hot Bodies D8Atsushi Hara Edition
The one-time underdog gets a
world champion makeover
By Lito Reyes

92 Hobby People Outlaw
Ballistic speed, budget price
By David Maffucci

87 How to: Troubleshoot a Nitro Engine
Observe, assess, fix!
By Stephen Bess

91 How to: Use Household Items for RC
What you need is right in front of you
By Matt Higgins

99 How to: Fix Tires at the Track
Don’t come unglued
By Matt Higgins

112 How to: 10-Point Checkup
Get your rig race ready
by Matt Higgins

14 On the Web

20 Starting Line
by Kevin Hetmanski

24 Backfire

28 Readers Rides
Your best builds

32 Pit Tips

36 Tech Center

40 Grassroots Racing

44 Inside Scoop
by the RC Car Action team

130 Performance Proven
Futaba 4PKS; X-Tream Clean RC Car Wash; RPM HPI Baja 5B Roof Guard;
Tamiya Modeler’s Side Cutter; LRP Works Team Stopwatch

137 Tailpipe
The pros attack at RCX!
By Kevin Hetmanski


101 Short Course Newz
What’s hot for the racing season
by Aaron Waldron

107 Rock Pile
Salvage that old body
by Kevin Jowett

121 Offbeat RC
RC Airships!
by Tom Ross

125 Backyard Basher
Dos and don’ts of bashing
by Eric J. Miller

127 Big Talk
The future of fuel
by Scott G.

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  1. Which is better? 2X4, or 4×4 version?

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