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Latest SUPER-SIZED press release from XRAY. This should answer ALL your questions about the new 808 buggy for sure!


2008 XRAY 808 New Parts Overview:


·         All-new XRAY racing buggy platform

·         Pure racing design focused on ultra-low weight and superior handling

·         Considerably lower weight than previous versions, as light as the lightest buggies in the market

·         New narrower chassis with improved weight distribution makes the car much more stable and easier to drive

·         New racing suspension and all-new suspension geometry for increased steering and traction

·         New front & rear suspension arms

·         Suspension arms ready for easy mud protector assembly

·         New steering blocks and caster blocks

·         New suspension holders with integrated preset optimal suspension geometry

·         New suspension pivot pins inboard and outboard

·         New front upper suspension mounting

·         New front and rear optimized roll center positions on shocktowers

·         New rear uprights

·         New drivetrain

·         New CVD drive shafts

·         New Direct Shaft Connection™ to the pinion gear

·         New longer steering rods to prevent suspension geometry changes during suspension compression

·         New composite ball-joints and turnbuckles for front and rear suspension

·         New relief rear ball-joints

·         New anti-roll bars

·         More centralized engine positioning

·         New narrow servo saver and steering system

·         New ultra-short graphite steering plate

·         New one-piece graphite radio plate

·         New rear flexible composite brace

·         New super-efficient gear ratios

·         New gear boxes with Labyrinth Dust Covers™

·         New lighter ball-bearings in uprights and steering blocks

·         New lower central differential stands with central diff placed lower

·         New larger, stronger, more reliable clutch bearings

·         New clutchbell

·         New ratio with smaller spur gear and larger clutchbell for reduced rotating weight

·         New longer wheelbase for higher stability and improved balance when jumping

·         New 4mm extra-thick front and 3.5mm rear premium-grade graphite shocktowers

·         All-new big-bore oversized shocks for improved handling on bumpy tracks and big jumps

·         New threaded big-bore hard-anodized shock bodies

·         New shock design allows for super-easy building and servicing

·         New 1-piece aluminum hard-anodized shock cap

·         New big-bore shock pistons with precision-round shape for perfect movement inside the shock body

·         New big-bore shock membranes for precision dampening

·         Lower shock assembly includes internal foam dust-protector

·         XRAY Premium Shock Oils for perfect cons

·         New lower shock mounting assembly minimizes oil leakage

·         New ultra-low profile racing body from high-quality Lexan®


·         A winner’s pedigree & DNA – countless National and Championship titles, Multiple Car-of-the-Year awards…




Racing Pedigree


Since 2004 when XRAY released the first 1/8 off-road car, the XRAY XB8 platform has enjoyed great success both on and off the track. Praised by the RC press and media, as well as customers themselves, the XB8 platform has been the recipient of several Car-of-the-Year awards. Along with numerous National titles around the world – including the most prestigious European Champion title – the XB8 has been one of the world’s most successful off-road cars.


The mandate of the XRAY Development Team is to pursue perfection and innovation, while constant developing and redefining the “performance envelope.”  Through ongoing development and improvement, the XB8 platform evolved into the XBTQ and XB8EC versions, each version bringing improvements and surpassing its predecessor.


To bring the XB8 platform to the highest performance level possible, it was time for XRAY R&D to rethink and rework the entire off-road platform concept. To realize the new concept and embrace the new spirit, the XRAY R&D team sought to create a car that would embody the key mission strategies. With this “no compromise” vision and strategy in mind, an all-new platform was conceived; to call the XRAY 808 the “next evolution” of the XB8 would be a massive understatement.


Balanced load distribution creates outstanding driving dynamics and excellent track stability, making the car super-easy to drive in any racing condition – no matter if you drive on flat fast track, bumpy technical track, or sky-high jumps – the 808 is the new form and level of performance.


Loaded and equipped with premium high-tech materials and engineering throughout – all-new suspension and geometry; improved oversized shocks; optimized and centralized weight balance; all-new drivetrain concept – the 808 is easy to drive and control, making it a top performer under all racing conditions.  Imagine overtaking maneuvers that are a thrill thanks to the precision controllability at your disposal… and response so fast and precise that you think your mind is directly connected to the car. Squeeze the throttle for the first time and you will immediately experience what the car’s looks only hint at.


The XRAY 808.  The ultimate vehicle concept molded and shaped into an extraordinary engineering masterpiece by the artisans at XRAY.  Superior as ever… yet all new. The 808 throws down a challenge for you to drive it… race it… win with it. Answer the call… take the challenge. Experience a new form of fascination, undreamed-of driving enjoyment… performance and dynamic ability you can count on.   Experience the all-new XRAY 808.





The all-new chassis was completely redesigned following the all-new weight distribution and centerline placement of internal parts for improved side-to-side weight balance. To obtain better stability, the chassis was elongated and along with the new suspension concept the front of the chassis is angled 10°.


The chassis is CNC-machined from high-quality Swiss 3mm 7075 T6 hard-anodized aluminum, and is strategically machined in low-stress areas to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity. The chassis is hard anodized at XRAY’s own in-house fully robotic hardcoating line, ensuring a perfect hardcoated surface.


Non-essential material below the engine, fuel tank, and diffs was removed to allow for the lightest weight and lowest possible center of gravity.


The downstop setscrew area was greatly reinforced. All screw holes on the bottom of the chassis are countersunk, allowing for a very smooth chassis underside with no protruding screw heads.


Strong composite side guards help protect the internal components.




All-New Suspension

The most significant handling improvement was achieved by an all-new suspension components and geometry. The suspension concept was carried over from 1/10 electric off-road cars — redesigned and adapted for 1/8 off-road, incorporating XRAY’s innovative ideas, and reducing the size of the components used. The suspension geometry was fine tuned to give the car super-easy handling in all racing conditions.




Suspension Arms

Suspension arms are one of the most important parts of any RC model car, as they directly influence the handling and racing characteristics of the car. The 808 suspension arms are all-new and the final design is the result of long-term tests of different designs and layouts.  Length, thickness, flexibility, geometry of suspension points and materials used… these are all the concepts and details that had to be thoroughly reviewed to create the optimum suspension arms.


Based on excessive knowledge gained from the previous XB8 cars, several different suspension arm designs were tested in both virtual reality and in-car to find the final best design. The exclusive composite mixture used for suspension arms is a perfect balance between reliability and performance. The suspension arm itself is rigid enough to provide a responsive feel, yet soft enough to survive extra-long main events.


The design of the arms was particularly well thought out to allow the use of identical suspension arms left/right at each end of the car, thus reducing your spare part needs and making servicing much quicker and easier.


The arm design was developed with “dirty” racing in mind… racing in heavy mud and rain. The smart design allows for the very quick and easy addition of mud protectors to both suspension arms. The arms feature openings at the bottom and side to allow mud protectors to be easily moun
ted to the arms. Mud protectors are available as options.



Suspension Holders

The composite suspension holders are the lightest solution to keep weight as low as possible. The composite suspension holders also allow for suspension flex which is necessary to keep the car forgiving and easy-to-drive. The no-compromise design and special composite mixture used for the holders ensure that they are able to withstand abusive impacts and big jumps while keeping the geometry unchanged.


Hardened 4mm hinge pins are mounted through the suspension holders and locked with self-locking nuts. This suspension holder concept ensures that suspension pins will never come out during racing and moreover it ensures that the play between the arms and suspension holders will not change. The suspension holder concept reinforces the holding of the arms and in any crashes prevents the pin or arm from becoming disconnected.



Suspension geometry is fully optimized and integrated into the suspension holders, so say goodbye to being lost with setups. The suspension geometry has been optimized to ensure the best handling characteristics at typical tracks and standard racing conditions. The suspension holders feature preset 3° rear toe-in, 2° rear anti-squat, and 10° front kick-up. Both front and rear arms allow the use of wheelbase shims for quick and easy wheelbase adjustment.


For extreme high-competition racing conditions or for advanced off-road racers, optional alu suspension holders are available to allow fine suspension tuning.




Increased Steering

The new suspension arms and suspension geometry give increased steering, influenced by the different characteristics of Ackermann.


The angle of the tires during steering does not change as much as it does on the standard C-hub or pivot-ball suspension. Even when the suspension moves up or down the suspension ensures constant steering for easier, more precise and predictable handling into and in corners, and especially ensures fluent drive through the corners mainly on bumpy tracks.


Shocktowers and shocks were accordingly redesigned to complement with the new suspension geometry.


Zero Kingpin Steering Blocks

The super-lightweight composite zero kingpin steering blocks are a genuine innovation in design and functionality. Each block features an inset steel bushing that is molded into the steering block itself, ensuring a wobble-free and ultra-tight steering block assembly.

This enables the kingpin screws to be firmly held in the steel threaded bushing while the end of the screw is self-locked in composite to prevent the screws from loosening during racing. The molded-in steel bushings allow the steering blocks to turn freely ensuring precise steering reaction.  The super-tiny steering blocks are molded from a lightweight yet very strong and durable composite material.


The new-concept steering block is taken from 1/10 electric off-road cars, providing zero kingpin steering — the steering block rotates in an absolute vertical position so
that the angle does not change. The new steering block gives a better steering radius which greatly improves the handling and makes the car even easier to drive on all tracks and provides more steering into corners. The steering block features one optimized Ackermann position.


The tiny size of the steering blocks was achieved by using new lighter ball-bearings. The inner bearing (13×19) carries a heavier load where the CVD drive shaft outdrive rotates… while the outer bearing (8×14) is newer & lighter than previously used to reduce unsprung weight. The two ball-bearings are further away from each other which provides more stability to the mounting and holding of the wheel axle.




Caster Blocks

Each 1-piece caster block is very lightweight and with the new zero kingpin suspension geometry the car is equipped with one optimum preset 10° caster block.  The optimized caster angle is integrated and non-adjustable. The angle of the caster block + the 10° angle of the front of the chassis with the suspension holders = total 20° caster of the car.




Rear Uprights

The new uprights were designed to have a smaller design with less weight. The lower roll center position has been optimized to 1 position while the upper roll center positions still feature 3 different roll center positions.

The tiny size of the upright was achieved by using new lighter ball-bearings. The inner bearing (13×19) carries a heavier load where the CVD drive shaft outdrive rotates… while the outer bearing (8×14) is newer & lighter than previously used to reduce unsprung weight. The two ball-bearings are further away from each other which provides more stability to the mounting and holding of the wheel axle.


The outer suspension pin on which the rear upright sits features 2 shims which allow for additional wheelbase adjustment.




Chassis Braces

The front and rear braces have significant influence on chassis stiffness and chassis flex and as such have great impact on car handling under different grip conditions. The 808 features the well-proven and optimally stiff composite braces for front and rear. These braces are more than up to the task… strong enough to hold the car together after heavy jumps or crashes to avoid tweak or breaking, yet still flexible enough to generate the needed grip.





The front and rear shocktowers are all-new. The shocktowers are CNC-machined from premium extra-robust 3.5mm (rear) and 4mm (front) thick high-grade graphite reducing significantly the weight. The shocktowers featu
red optimized shock positions and roll center positions.



Improved Weight Balance

One of the most significant improvements in the handling of the 808 is the improved weight balance. With the new longer chassis and new suspension concept (which is not overly-sensitive on weight load) this allowed the engine and central differential to be moved more forward. The more forward weight placement along with the new suspension concept greatly improves the balance of the car in jumps on- and off-power, and driving through the corners it allows for greater rotation of the car which results in increased cornering speed.




Centralized Design

With the narrow chassis design, all the internal parts of the car were repositioned. The engine was placed as close to the centerline as possible while still keeping the center drivetrain in the most effective locations. To balance the weight of the engine, muffler, and fuel tank, the center differential was placed more to the right with the electronics strategically placed in a curved shape around the central differential… all help to keep the weight as close to the center as possible. The all-new centralized design provides improved side-to-side balance.




All-New Drivetrain

Everything is new in the 808 drivetrain: all-new CVD drive shafts through the all-new drivetrain layout; new direct central shaft connection to the pinion gears; and all new ratios.


Since drivetrain weight and design have significant influence on the handling and performance of the car, the drivetrain was completely redesigned and greatly improved. The new ultra-lightweight drivetrain gives reduced rotating weight and increased performance. All drivetrain parts — drive shafts, diffs, brakes, outdrives — are ultra lightweight, strategically weight-reduced, and are manufactured from premium high-quality world-renowned HUDY Spring SteelTM.




Direct Central Shafts Connection

The central drive shafts have an all-new design and concept, a genuine XRAY innovation. To transfer power from the engine, both central drive shafts are directly connected to the pinion gears in the front and rear gearboxes. This allows direct transfer of power without any kinetic losses, as well as increasing the lifespan of the shafts thanks to the elimination of connecting parts. The drive shaft is inserted through the diff housing opening (with Labyrinth Dust Covers™ on the diff housings to keep the dirt outside) and with a pin connects directly to the pinion. The connecting pin sits in a ball-bearing to guarantee that the connecting pin will never fall out… and removing the risk of having the central drive shafts become disconnected.




CVD Driveshafts

The new CVD drive shafts are lighter yet still are the strongest that a buggy can be equipped with. All four CVD drive shafts are manufactured from exclusive HUDY Spring Steel™, the unique self-developed highest-strength material.


The CVD wheel axle is carried in the steering block and rear upright more safely thanks to the greater distance between both ball-bearings. Additionally, the CVD assembly is very secure and safe due to the connecting pin (which connects the shaft to wheel axle) being located within a ball-bearing, thus ensuring that the pin will never fell out… thus preventing drive shaft disconnections.


The wheel axle part of the CVD is additionally hand ground for maximum precision to ensure a perfect precise fit in both suspension ball-bearings… guaranteeing a perfect wobble-free fit and rotation.





Diff Housings

The chassis features rigid front and rear diff housings on which all suspension parts are mounted. With the new central drive shaft design concept, both housings were redesigned to include Labyrinth Dust Covers™ for the central shaft bearings to keep dirt out.. With the new design of the diff housings, internal areas are significantly reduced.


Easy access to both front and rear differentials makes maintenance super easy.





Rubber-sealed composite differential housings are manually precision ground after the molding process to guarantee a perfect fit with no vibration. Differential gears are made from pressed steel, heat treated, and machined for ultra-precision and smooth operation.




Diff Outdrives

Diff outdrives are made from premium HUDY Spring Steel™ and the central diff outdrives are individually ground for highest precision. The diff outdrives are specially-hardened to increase the lifespan, and the diff outdrive area which is inserted into ball-bearing is additionally ground to ensure a very tight fit and precise rotation. The openings of the diff outdrives were designed to keep the drive shafts in the diff outdrives even during maximum suspension downtravel.




Wheel Axles

Wheel axles and wheel nuts are made from lightweight yet super-strong aircraft aluminum, hard-anodized for increased lifespan and low wear. The new suspension is slightly narrower which enables the use of optional offset wheel axles for fine-tuning your setup for particular racing conditions.



Diff Gears

The main diff gears are all manufactured on a precision manual gear machine from HUDY Gear Steel… a material that was specially formulated and developed for use in gears. All the gears are hardened to provide the longest possible lifespan.


A wide range of different gears — spur gear, clutchbell, crown gear — is available for perfect setup and adjustment for particular racing conditions.


Clutchbells are available in sizes of 15T, 16T, and 17T.

Spur gears are available in a range of 41T, 42T, and 43T.




Drivetrain Ratio

The drivetrain ratio is all-new for the 808, allowing for more aggressive acceleration aggressive yet easier handling.


Front and rear differentials features 43T crown gears with 10T pinions making a 4.3:1 primary ratio.

The central differential features 42T spur gear with a 16T clutchbell, making a 11.29 internal ratio.

The final ratio of the 808 is in the range of 10.37–12.33.





Center Differential Access

Access to the center differential is super easy by releasing the upper deck with only four screws. The lower center diff housing is sized to accommodate optional spur gears and the stands were lowered by 2.5mm to keep the weight as low as possible and to allow smaller central diff gears to be used. The center diff housing stands hold the effective brake system.




Radio Tray

With the no-compromise performance design in mind, the previously-used aluminum radio tray was replaced by a lightweight graphite radio tray. The radio tray is CNC-machined from premium high-grade graphite material which ensures great strength while remaining very light. The front area above the steering servo features an opening for even more weight reduction.


The graphite radi
o tray features a laydown steering servo and upright throttle/brake servo arrangement; both servos have been moved towards the chassis centerline. Heavy-duty steering horns are included to withstand the abuse from long mains.




1-piece Electronics Assembly

The 1-piece electronics assembly is very compact and can be quickly & easily removed for very comfortable servicing and cleaning. You need only to release only a few screws from the bottom of the chassis to remove the entire electronics assembly from the car.


The large molded radio box features a very clean design and layout that places the weight in key areas for proper balancing. The batteries are placed on the centerline of the chassis and the lightweight receiver is placed on the side. The very easy-to-access radio box is mounted on the side of the radio plate and is releasing by only a few screws.


For racers not using a radio switch, a handy molded cover is included to help guarantee a leak-free radio box.  The tight antenna tube holder ensures that the antenna tube stays attached even if the car flips.


The radio box was redesigned to fit to the new chassis and the battery cover was redesigned to hold the batteries better.




Steering System

With the new centralized design concept, the steering stands were narrowed and placed as close to the center as possible using very lightweight aluminum standoffs. The very narrow steering plate is precision-machined from high-grade graphite, thus reducing unnecessary weight. The steering plate features several different Ackermann settings for precision steering setup.


The dual steering system rides on lightly-oiled ball-bearings, providing super-smooth and super-fast steering action. The strong servo saver spring makes sure that steering will be very precise in all conditions, but is still soft enough to ensure that energy will not be transferred to the servo even in heavy crashes. The strength of the servo saver can be easily adjusted through a adjustment collar; the collar is hard-anodized to prevent thread stripping in to dusty conditions.




HUDY Spring Steel™ Steering Turnbuckles

All turnbuckles in the 808 are manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ material for turnbuckles, resulting in stronger turnbuckles with a tougher core. A handy turnbuckle tool is included.


With the narrow steering plate and narrow steering stands, the turnbuckles were properly resized and elongated. The relief steering ball-joints to provide a better fit into the wheels.




Newly-redesigned Big-Bore Shocks

Off-road performance depends very highly on perfectly-working shock absorbers. As such, all components and pieces of the 808 shocks were completely redesigned to obtain the best possible performance: shock bodies; pistons; shock cap; membranes; lower shock collar; rubber boots; internal shape; alu cap; springs.


The most significant improvement is the bore of the shocks, which was increased to allow for a higher volume of oil to flow for improved damping characteristics. The new big-bore shock pistons were designed and manufactured with a special molding process to ensure optimum tolerance and roundness of the pistons so that they move freely and very precisely inside the shock body.


The front and rear shocks can be mounted in multiple positions on the shocktowers and arms; these positions were thoroughly tested and analyzed both in virtual reality as well on the tracks to offer the widest possible range of shock positions. This guarantees sufficient suspension travel and best setup for either flat European-style tracks or large bumpy US-style tracks.




Shock Bodies

The oversized big-bore shocks feature 18.5mm outside diameter shock bodies, externally threaded with an adjustable collar for downstops adjustment. The shock bodies are hardcoated, and features a new 1-piece alu shock cap.


The large 15.3mm inner diameter of the shock bodies ensures proper and consistent shock oil flow through the perfectly-round pistons which move very precisely inside the smoothly-finished interior of the shock body. The result is more consistent damping characteristics of the shocks.




Shock Pistons 

The new big-bore pistons are manufactured from well-proven specially-formulated composite material to provide smoother action and durability. The well-proven molding production process is used to ensure perfect roundness of the pistons after production, so that the pistons will move perfectly inside the shock bodies for identical shock action in all four shocks.



Shock Membranes 

The new shock membranes are now wider to fit the new big-bore shocks. The material has been also improved to guarantee the same damping characteristics from the beginning of the race to the end even after excessive overloads.



Lower Shock Cap 

The lower shock assembly ensures that the shock rod will move very freely inside the shock body but at the same time will minimize oil leakage and keeping the dirt away. Two shock O-rings – manufactured from a superior silicone compound to allow ultra-free movement of the shock rod while still maintaining a tight seal – are installed in the lower part of the shock body and are secured with composite shims. The entire lower shock assembly is secured with the new lower aluminum shock cap which makes assembly/disassembly quick and easy. The aluminum lower cap features an internal protective “dust foam” which keeps the dirt out.




Shock Shafts

The shock shafts are thick and robust to ensure they will handle any abusive racing conditions and big jumps. The 3.5mm thick shock shafts are precisely machined from special high-tensile steel and afterwards are ground for a super-smooth surface to ensure very free and smooth movement of the shock shafts in the shock bodies.




XRAY Premium Silicone Oils

The 808 features the new XRAY Premium Silicone Oils manufactured in Europe by a specialized premium silicone oil manufacturer; these new oils were exclusively created for XRAY. Each batch of premium oil is laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality batch-to-batch. Based on the industry-standard cSt rating, the new line of oils will be easy to identify, adjust, and feel.


When following any setup sheets by XRAY or XRAY team drivers, you can be sure that the oils you will get for your car will be exactly same as used by the factory racing team, thus ensuring very exacting setups and handling of the car.



Clutch System

The flywheel is CNC-machined from high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. The clutch features three (3) lightweight 1.71g aluminum shoes and a set of hard clutch shoe springs. HUDY Spring Steel™ clutch nut is included, along with necessary shims and hardware. The flywheel brass collar is not included and is available with every engine supplier or optionally from XRAY.




Oversized Clutch Bearings

The 808 clutchbell features unique oversized ball-bearings designed and engineered by XRAY. Replacing the standard 5×10 bearings with balls of only size 1.3 mm, the oversized 808 clutch bearings are 5×12 with balls of size 2.0 mm and with extra-thick bearing walls. This translates to higher load carrying capabilities which will increase the life of the bearings and reduce the risk of clutch bearing failure during long final runs. The bearings come with special high-temperature resistant grease to ensure proper lubrication during high-revving engine operations and long runs. 




Engine Mounts

High-grade CNC-machined aluminum engine mounts are machined from lightweight alloy and help to dissipate engine heat. The engine mounts are easily adjustable from the bottom of the chassis to obtain proper gear mesh.


The engine mount is all newly designed, it is longer and goes up to the front engine bearing which provides higher reinforcement of the chassis in the longitudinal direction and in jumps will minimize the bending of the chassis between the clutchbell and spur gear.



Brake System

The XRAY 808 features the well-proven high-performance braking system that is so strong and precise and dependable that is makes slowing and stopping a profoundly exhilarating experience. Coupled with the car’s balanced load distribution, the extraordinary control imparted by the braking system give you complete confidence as you pitch the car into the corner.


XRAY focused on all of the smallest details when designing the brake system. The laser-cut, precision flat-ground ventilated steel brake disk allows fade-free braking in conjunction with the special high-grip Ferodo® brake pads installed on the laser-cut brake plates. The brake disk is small, slim, and very light. The precision hand-grinding allows true, wobble-free rotation. Brake inputs are transferred precisely to the brakes thanks to the rigid high-precision machined brake cams. Both brake disk and brake pads are specially heat-treated for maximum lifespan.



Fuel Tank and Air Filter

The fuel tank with integrated stone filter has a molded-in splashguard to protect the brakes from fuel spillage. The tank is mounted with rubber grommets to absorb vibration. Small composite holders secure thick 5.5mm silicone fuel tubing.


The smooth-flowing and efficient air filter is made from two parts. Air filter oil is included as standard. The universal rubber elbow allows fitment to most standard 1/8 buggy engines.



Anti-roll Bars

Anti-roll bars are included to stabilize the car at both front and rear and the 808 features new shorter anti-roll bars which also have a different angle to accommodate to mounting on the new suspension. The roll bars are easily mounted to the diff cases and can be adjusted through the adjustable linkages.

Both front and rear anti-roll bars have a thickness of 2.4mm.  Anti-roll bar wires of different thickness are optionally available for fine-tuning your setup.





The aerodynamic rear wing is molded from a very flexible yet virtually unbreakable composite mixture. All edges are reinforced at critical areas to prevent cracking or breakage. The rear wing holders are mounted firmly to the rear shock tower.  The rear wing holders offer many different wing-mounting positions for increased adjustability at different tracks.




New XRAY Body 

The 808 comes with the all-new XRAY lightweight racing body with all-new ultra-flat slick design. The area around the engine was specially redesigned to have the engine head to protrude outside of the body as much as possible to allow maximum cooling of the engine. The sides of the bodies have a tight fit to the sides of the car to minimize the amount of dirt entering the chassis. This also helps in wet conditions.




XRAY 808 Specs:



Length:    490mm

Chassis length: 400mm

Wheelbase:    319~330mm

Width:   308mm

Weight:   1869g

Approximate running weight:  3250g



Chassis: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 hardcoated aluminum

Radio tray: CNC-machined 2.5mm graphite

Front upper deck: Composite

Central diff upper deck: Composite

Braces:  Composite braces (front / rear)



Adjustable suspension with preset geometry

Rear suspension: Lower H-arm with adjustable upper camber link

Front suspension: Zero Kingpin suspension

Rear upright: Composite with 3 roll center positions

Shocks: 15.3mm big-bore machined aluminum threaded shock bodies hard coated, oil-filled coil-over with 3.5mm shafts

Shock towers: Front 4.0mm graphite, rear 3.5mm graphite



Type: Full-time shaft-drive 4WD w/ center differential

Primary:  Steel spur gear / clutchbell

Drive shafts: HUDY Spring SteelTM CVD drive shafts

Central shafts: HUDY Spring SteelTM Direct Connection Shafts TM

Differentials: Sealed, 6 gear, silicone-filled

Clutch: Aluminum 3-shoe

Bearings: Rubber-sealed



Pinion: 10T front / rear

Crown gear: 43T front / rear

Clutchbell: 16T

Spur gear: 42T

Primary Ratio: 4.3:1

Final Gear Ratio: 10.37~12.33 (kit = 11.29)


Body, Tires, Wheels & Misc.

Body: XRAY 808 body

Tires: Not included

Wheels: Not included, standard 17mm hub

Fuel tank: 120cc capacity with hypertonic tank lid and internal stone-type filter


Adjustment Possibilities:

Camber, front toe-in, wheelbase, rear anti-squat, front and rear roll center, Ackermann


Optionally adjustable: rear toe-in, front kick-up, rear anti-squat


Also Included:

Universal tool for nuts and turnbuckles


Items Not Included:


Exhaust system

Electronics (Radio, Receiver, Servos, Batteries)




Wheel tool

Receiver battery



Start box

Glow heater




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