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Byron Off-Road Challenge 2010


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Buggy Expert a main
Losi’s Billy Fisher started 2nd and ended up crashing on lap 2. That caused him to fall back to 5th but he gathered himself up and managed to take over the top spot from Team Associated’s Ryan Maifield by lap 15. Once he got by the Drake he managed to stay up front and pulled away for a 11 second win. Levi Jackson was another favorite to win the race but had a horrible first lap and he fell back to 13th. He worked he was through the field and ended up in fourth place. The top 5 guys did a great job of running consistent laps and there weren’t many position changes through the race because of that. Kyosho’s Cody King topped off the podium and was a lap down from Billy at the finish line.
Expert Truggy
The truggy saw some surprises and it turned out to be a great fight for the win. Losi’s Billy Fisher didn’t do as well in the truggy class as he did in the buggy main. He had to bump to the A-Main and did it in style with a win. He started towards the back of the pack and worked his way through the field and ended up taking the second place trophy home. Kyosho’s Cody King qualified for the 2nd starting spot but fell back to 4th at the beginning of the race. At about the half way mark he gathered himself up and worked his way to the top spot. Dylan Rodriguez drove his way to third with his Losi 8IGH-T and finished on the same lap as Cody King.
The race
The track featured a great layout with lots of flow but had two 2 tricky sections to trip the guys up a bit. One was mogul section that was hard to get a rhythm through and the other was a 4 pack of jumps that ended in a U turn and after that the guys had to jam on the throttle to make it over another 4 pack of jumps. The good line through the section was to hit the double double then hit the hairpin hard then again went with the double double. Track was hard pack with loose dirt on the outsides and it held together well. It didn’t rut up too bad during qualifying but fell apart a little through the mains.

The weather through the weekend was hot and very dry. Temps during qualifying reached 110 degrees and on Sunday mother nature threw in another challenge with a lot of wind. Drivers reported they felt like they were driving SC Trucks because the wind was so strong on the back triple. It was actually blowing the 1/8-scale vehicles around! Racing started at 5 PM both days with practice at 1 on Fri and 2:30 on sat. This was done to miss the heat and let everyone enjoy running under the
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