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7 Ways to Go Faster (Electric Edition)

7 Ways to Go Faster (Electric Edition)

One of the most popular subjects in RC is speed. Experienced hobbyists love to point how the only two questions the uninitiated have when they see an RC running are: how fast and how much? Going fast isn’t just on the mind of newbs. Truth be told, we’re all interested in going faster. Racers quickly point out that it’s not how fast your car is that matters, what matters is how fast you get around the track. I know I’m guilty as charged, but if  racers actually believed what they say, they wouldn’t be buying latest motors, speed controls and batteries every time something hot hit ...

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:38 PM
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  1. All of them are true. but i will say Battery and the right gearing will get you the speed we all feel the need for .

  2. Thank you for all the info mr higgins.

  3. All these are great way’s but what the battery.

  4. Can anybody tell me what happens if u put a 8.4 volts battery in my rc car when it came with a 7.2 will it fry the carven

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