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2012 IFMAR World Championships – Qualifying Rounds One and Two

2012 IFMAR World Championships – Qualifying Rounds One and Two

In Q1, Robert Batlle picked up where he left off at the Worlds Warm-Up in September and drove to the front of an antsy qualifying heat “A.”  The Spaniard out-dueled youngsters Dakotah Phend, Elliott Boots and Ty Tessmann to take the heat and the overall fast time from Q1. Elsewhere, the Czech Republic’s Martin Bayer came out of heat three to get third for the round, proving that he has more speed than he was able to clock in practice.

Round One

Seed Name Chassis Engine Time Country
1 Robert Batlle Mugen Novarossi 14/10:37.538 Spain
2 Dakotah Phend TLR Orion 14/10:41.924 USA
3 Martin Bayer XRAY LRP 14/10:42.680 Czech Republic
4 Elliott Boots Kyosho Novarossi 14/10:44.646 Great Britain
5 Ty Tessman Hot Bodies O.S. 14/10:45.024 Canada
6 Lee Martin Mugen Novarossi 14/10:45.036 Great Britain
7 Renaud Savoya XRAY RB 14/10:45.466 France
8 Billy Easton Serpent Novarossi 14/10:45.925 USA
9 Davide Tortorici Mugen Bliss 14/10:47.046 Italy
10 Ryan Maifield Associated LRP 13/10:00.849 USA
11 Jared Tebo Kyosho Orion 13/10:00.889 USA
12 Teemu Leino Hot Bodies LRP 13/10:02.274 Finland

Q2 looked like a replay of the ROAR nationals for Hot Bodies’ Ty Tessmann. The Canadian commanded much of heat “A,” while showing that he got a little more comfortable with his machine in day one of qualifying than he was in practice.

Q1 winner Robert Batlle didn’t miss a beat finishing second in heat “A” and third overall for the round after a rejuvenated Jared Tebo charged through heat “B.” Tebo had been “laying in the weeds” so far this week and was clearly happy to put in a solid run. I would watch Tebo closely tomorrow to see how his Q2 run translates into round three and four. He tends to get faster and faster if he has good runs that build his confidence. I know, that sounds like it’s probably true for everyone. But in my opinion, it is more true for him. If he strings a few together, he will be a very dangerous man.

Round Two

Seed Name Chassis Engine Time Country
1 Ty Tessman Hot Bodies O.S. 14/10:37.538 Canada
2 Jared Tebo Kyosho Orion 14/10:41.924 USA
3 Robert Batlle Mugen Novarossi 14/10:42.680 Spain
4 Lee Martin Mugen Novarossi 14/10:44.646 Great Britain
5 Yannick Aigoin Associated nVision 14/10:45.024 France
6 Kyle McBride Kyosho O.S. 14/10:45.036 Australia
7 Jerome Aigoin Kyosho Novarossi 14/10:45.466 France
8 Cody King Kyosho Orion 14/10:45.925 USA
9 David Ronnefalk Kyosho Orion 14/10:47.046 Sweden
10 Ryan Maifield Associated LRP 13/10:00.849 USA
11 Adam Drake TLR Novarossi 13/10:00.889 USA
12 Martin Bayer XRAY LRP 13/10:02.274 Czech Republic

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  1. Might have somebody verify the lap counts / times. They’re the same in both Rounds.

  2. Aaron, great job! Keep it up!

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