2013 Cactus Classic: First Round of A-Main Results

2013 Cactus Classic: First Round of A-Main Results

The first round of Triple A-Mains confirmed what everyone suspected would happen when the 27th running of the Cactus Classic reached the heads-up portion of main events: passing opportunities were scarce, with most position changes coming with either a crash or contact between the competing cars. While some of the drivers exited the stand with less-than-pleased looks on their face, the surrounding spectators were treated to some very exciting on-track action.


Ryan Maifield capitalized on a rough lap number three from his teammate, Top Qualifier Ryan Cavalieri, to grab the lead and eventual A1 win in Modified Stadium Truck by three and a half seconds. Jared Tebo made the most of the mistakes of those ahead of him, climbing from fifth on the grid to third in just two laps and coming up a half-second short of the second spot.

Modified Stadium Truck
1. Ryan Maifield
2. Ryan Cavalieri (TQ)
3. Jared Tebo
4. Dustin Evans
5. Billy Fischer
6. Steven Hartson
7. Ricky Gaynor
8. Nolan Anderson
9. Mike Truhe
10. Joern Neumann


In a race without much passing, as the short course trucks are especially tipsy on the sticky track, Ryan Maifield led wire-to-wire in front of the battle for second. Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Lutz, the other two drivers to TQ a round in the class throughout the weekend, swapped spots a couple of times in the latter half of the race before reverting back to the starting order in time for the finish.

Modified 2WD Short Course
1. Ryan Maifield (TQ)
2. Ryan Cavalieri
3. Ryan Lutz
4. Dustin Evans
5. Brian Kinwald
6. Matt Castellano
7. Jason Corl
8. Chris Wheeler
9. Cody Turner
10. Frank Root


A rough start from Dakotah Phend dropped him to fourth behind Team Durango teammates Ryan Lutz and Hupo Honigl, but the young phenom moved up to the lead in just six laps after getting by teammate Billy Fischer for the lead and the win. Just one lap prior, Honigl made the pass on Lutz to round out the top three.

Modified 4WD Short Course
1. Dakotah Phend
2. Billy Fischer (TQ)
3. Hupo Honigl
4. Ryan Lutz
5. Trevor Clement
6. David Jenson
7. Travis Amezcua
8. Charles Hicks
9. Joern Neumann
10. Brian Kinwald


Naoto Matsukura led the freight train of buggies early on, but blew the corner after the triple on the third lap. Tebo drove to the inside and the two touched wheels when Matsukura tried to shut the door, getting the worst end of the contact. It was smooth sailing from then on for Tebo, who went on to win by two seconds. Dustin Evans somehow stayed clear of the carnage that was happening all over the track, moving from the sixth spot on the grid to finish second, and a last corner pass attempt from Ryan Maifield on teammate Ryan Cavalieri ended in disaster – Maifield waited for the marshal but punched it across the line as Matsukura and Martin came barreling down the right side of the track,

Modified 2WD Buggy
1. Jared Tebo
2. Dustin Evans
3. Ryan Maifield
4. Naoto Matsukura (TQ)
5. Lee Martin
6. Ryan Cavalieri
7. Steven Hartson
8. Joern Neumann
9. Cody Turner
10. Travis Amezcua


The top three of Modified 4WD buggy remained mostly quiet, no doubt on edge after the 2WD main just a handful of races earlier, with no position changes for the first half of the race until a mistake from Joern Neumann dropped him to third behind Ryan Maifield. With just two laps to go, Ryan Cavalieri clipped a pipe and flipped over, allowing Maifield and Neumann by.

Modified 4WD Buggy
1. Ryan Maifield
2. Joern Neumann
3. Ryan Cavalieri (TQ)
4. Lee Martin
5. Dakotah Phend
6. Naoto Matsukura
7. Jared Tebo
8. Carson Wernimont
9. Travis Amezcua
10. Dustin Evans

The second round of A-Mains are up in just a couple of races – stay tuned to RCCarAction.com for more info!

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