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Futaba Electric Challenge: Novak Ballistic 8 Brushless Motors

Futaba Electric Challenge: Novak Ballistic 8 Brushless Motors

Recently Novak announced that they will be adding 1/8 brushless motors to their popular Ballistic brushless motor lineup. At the 2011 Futaba Electric Challenge Novak drivers were spotted using some Ballistic 8 brushless motors to compete in the 1/8 electric buggy classes.  These motors feature a 4 pole design, adjustable mechanical timing, and use an epoxy dipped stator.  Since these motors have been announced and drivers are now using the 1st production run, expect these motors to hit the shelves soon.

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:15 PM


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  1. I am curious as to what ESC these drivers were using. To my knowledge, Novak has yet to announce their compatible ESC for these motors.

  2. The guys were using a mix of 1/8 ESCs already available on the market. They weren’t using any prototype Novak 1/8 ESCs if that is what you really wanted to know. 🙂

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