100 MPH Traxxas Slash 4×4 [VIDEO]

100 MPH Traxxas Slash 4×4 [VIDEO]

From Traxxas:
Can this modded Slash 4X4 hit 100 MPH??

Upgrade Parts List:

7460 – Aluminum Motor Mount
7461X – Front GTR Shocks
7462X – Rear GTR Shocks
6832X – Aluminum Caster Blocks
6838X -Aluminum Rear Shock Tower
6839X – Aluminum Front Shock Tower
6452 – Steel Rear Driveshaft (x2)
6451 – front steel driveshaft (x2)
6469 – 17mm Wheel Hubs
6898 – Sway Bar Kit
7426X – Tall Battery Strap
7448 – Front GTR Spring (Blue)
7449 – Rear GTR Spring (Blue)
7437 – Front Skid Plate
6551 – GPS Module
6475 – Black Dished XO-1 Wheels and Tires (Front)
6473 – Black Dished XO-1 Wheels and Tires (Rear)
6455 – Rear Aluminum Axle Carriers
6550 – Telemetry Expander
6439 – Aluminum Steering Blocks
5411 – Revo Wing Mount
5446 – Revo Wing (x2)
6777 – Rear Bumper
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Updated: May 17, 2018 — 10:47 AM


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  1. Hi I’m Justin Boswell I’m 35 years old and I’ve been into rc cars since a little boy with my dad out playing around with them but this is my first build and first attempt at the slash speed record on YouTube with the current setup I have right now I’ve been hitting about 80mph clocked by an gps app on my iPhone and I still had about a quarter throttle left to go and I had to start letting off to slow down bc I don’t have a very long stretch of road that I currently run on but I found a road that should work perfect for breaking the slash 4×4 speed record and I’m doing it starting with a 3s lipo pack and then a 4s lipo pack with the current setup I have on my truck even now the motor is only rated at the max 3s I’m doing 4s lipo passes to break the speed record in the 3s and 4s class then when my bigger and badder castle brushless four pole 2200kv motor comes in around the end of December or the beginning of January then I will put that motor in my speed run 4×4 slash to beat the other speed records on 6s lipo battery and I might do 8s lipo battery speed runs but my goal is to hit the 160mph and I’m pretty confident that I can do it bc the fastest I’ve seen on YouTube for a slash 4×4 is like 140mph I think and I’m already hitting 80mph with throttle to spare I’ve never have had my slash 4×4 at full speed yet so I hope that my mamba x esc will do the trick bc all the guys I seen doing the speed runs is either using the mamba monster x esc or the mamba xlx esc with a castle 2200kv motor or some are using a posiden motor what tooth pinion gear are you using and what tooth spur gear are you using bc I’m using a 20 tooth pinion gear with a 45 tooth spur gear both my gears are Robinson Racing hardened metal gears I have a fully modified Traxxas slash ultimate 4×4 lcg I’m currently running a castle creations 1/10 scale mamba x esc with a little castle creations sensored 3800kv four pole brushless motor I have GRP treaded rims and tires s7 compound I have Mip x-duty driveshafts front and rear I have the tekno big bone center driveshaft it has Mip 17mm hex adapters it has rpm front and rear a-arms it has rpm front and rear shock towers strc motor plate it has a Traxxas aluminum motor mount with bearing it has led lights front and rear it has the battery expansion kit on it it has a waterproof savox high voltage sw1210sg steering servo it has an external castles bec 10amp I also have a offshore electronics etti high voltage power bank capacitor that I have to put on yet and I have to put on my castle creations 6.5mm polarized bullet connectors bc I keep melting other high current connectors like Traxxas’s high current connectors and I forget the other high current connectors name so I was told I won’t melt the 6.5mm bullet connectors from castle rpm front bulkhead rpm front bumper rpm rear bumper rpm low visibility wheelie bar sway bar kit front and rear strc heavy duty aluminum bell crank team losi 25 tooth servo horn integy piggyback shocks it also has xo1 differential spider gears front and rear a proline Dodge Ram 1500 short course body I’m using a lectron pro 3s 11.1 volt 5200mah 50c lipo battery and I’m also using a lectron pro 3s 11.1volt 7600mah 75c lipo battery I’m using the stock Traxxas TQI 2.4 transmitter and receiver it has a castle creations quick connect duo and proline secure loc body mounts I think that is all that’s on it sorry so long and thanks for readin this

    1. Whew, that is 1 long sentence! 🙂

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