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10 Things You Need To Know About Short Course Racing

10 Things You Need To Know About Short Course Racing

Short course racing continues to be the fastest growing segment in RC as it draws in huge numbers of newcomers and has even gained the attention of the hobby’s top pros. As with any new segment, there’s a lot to learn. So, whether you’re new to all things RC or just new to short course, here are the 10 things you need to know.

1. Three popular classes

For the most part, three classes are ...

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:55 PM


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  1. I seen you mentioned ROAR, I cannot stand ROAR nor their prejudice rules and BS by-laws. I have been into RC for 27 years now and remember when ROAR wasn’t even around. When track owners took the time to make sure things were fair and just at the tracks. I didn’t matter what type of body you ran on the car. it only mattered motor wise and skill level. Then ROAR comes along a bunch of over paid men thinking that what they say makes RC racing fair. What makes RC racing fair is the people and track owners, I personally HATE ROAR and their BS rules. I would like to compete at higher levels in RC racing however since ROAR seems to be the next Microsoft looks like I am a club racer until people wise up more.

  2. at the RC raceway where I go you wont see one Traxxas out there! theres a big push to buy traxxas, and its a fun RC cars to play with-but most serious racers are running Losi XXX-SCT or SC10.

  3. Just getting into the RC scene and purchased a sc10 and T4. I’ve been having problems with the factory tires so i just purchased 4 caliber tires. What suggestiosn would you have for the front tires? I also pruchased 4 bead loc rims

  4. This article is a little old but I just spotted it and I’ve got one question. Matt you mention ExceedRC i just googled them and they look ok but how come I havent seen a review by RCCA on their products?

    1. We reviewed the Madbash short course truck. I’ll find out what issue for you.

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