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10 Best Monster Trucks

10 Best Monster Trucks

Monster trucks make everyone smile and they have been around in the RC world for a long time. What makes them so cool is their big size and ability to cover any type of terrain. We’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of monster trucks to choose from, even though some have come and gone. We all have our favorite monster trucks and there might even have been a few that you don’t know about. Here’s our top 10 list of the greatest monster trucks ever to be produced. In in alphabetical order, here they are.

HPI Savage

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 5:21 PM


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  1. I was disappointed to not see my favorite RC monster truck not listed.
    Thunder Tigers EK4
    Oh and it came with a .70 cu. in. engine which was the biggest in any Monster truck rc

  2. Driver Ramblin Ron/Jake’s Motorsports. It brings a tear to my eye! Best toy I had as a kid.

  3. Just bought the MGT 8.0 SE IT’S AWESOME!

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  5. While I don’t think this article is atrocious, I do agree with Simon that this Top 10 list really isn’t all “monster trucks.”

    To me, the r/c monster truck era was ruled by the High Roller, Big Grizzly, Big Brute, Big Bear, Clod Buster, USA-1, Blackfoot and Lunch Box/Midnight Pumpkin. As Simon points out, this list includes a lot of “Race” trucks. Sure, those trucks are fast but they were designed for was racing. They’re more akin to stadium trucks, not monster trucks.

    I look at the trucks I mentioned above as the true monster trucks. These were designed to mimic the Bigfoot’s and Awesome Kong’s of the late ’80’s and into the ’90’s. They were meant to “crush” cars, do tractor pulls, etc. Racing was secondary with them. It was all about power, size and intimidation.

    I recall an issue of R/C Car Action from the ’80’s that tested ten or so of those trucks I mentioned above in various categories (I don’t believe Kyosho had released the USA-1 yet but the Double Dare may have competed). Those were the days, my friends. Those were the days.

  6. I was wondering if there are any up dates on the clod buster?

  7. Yo Simon!!! What are your top ten picks? I’m interested to know too. I happen to love the Stampede but would love to hear another opinion or two. Bring it!

  8. This article is nothing short of atrocious. It way supposedly a top 10 list of best R/C monster trucks yet it only contained two or three of them. Oh and by the way its Varicom Big Grizzly not “Varcrome Big Grizzley.”

    1. Thanks for pointing out those typos, Simon. We’ll fix them. It sounds like your opinion differs from our opinion. We’d love to hear your top 10.

  9. I think the Tamiya Terra Crusher was the first 1/8th scale monster truck. It was sligthly underpowered but indestructible. While everyone else I knew was making regular trips to the hobby shop to replace broken parts I was always out bashing. I still have it although the engine is toast.

  10. The Super Clod has also been recently discontinued, and all that is available now is the Metallic Special and the axle sets individually.

  11. Totally miss my lunch box ,and not the one i left @ work with the rotten remains of last weeks bagnasties.I’m talking about the truck that got me hooked on rc, you know the one with the evil twin sporting the skin of an mid 50’s ford pickup.Man I had alot of fun with that truck,and just alittle side note to all these young kids today who never have had the joyfull experience of whatching your pride and joy go up in flames as the mechanicall speed controller gets hung up and destroys everything you’ve skrimped saved,and worked so hard for . ….great memories,Lunchbox—-Midnight pumpkin you got my vote.

  12. I had and still have Blackfoot trucks. They were so well built that just last! I all so have the Lunch Box, TxT-1, Clod Buster, 2 USA-1 trucks., the old Emaxx, 2 Wheely Kings, But I had and loved the Varcrome Big Grizzley. I had to get rid of it as i could no longer get parts and miss this truck badly. The 1980’s and 1990’s were the best years i say!


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