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XRAY XB808 Front/Rear Lightweight Differential Outdrive Adapter

XRAY XB808 Front/Rear Lightweight Differential Outdrive Adapter

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New from XRAY:

Diff outdrive adapters for XB808 front/rear differential made of self-developed, world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™ – the toughest steel material available. The outdrives have been strategically machined to be lighter than the standard #355062 diff outdrive adapters. Special elongated design secures the drive shafts so they do not fall out in heavy jumps. For serious racers who are conscious of weight savings. Set of 2.

CNC-machined on precision German long-turn machines. Additionally ground and strategically lightened to reduce rotating weight, then further hardened to ensure maximum strength and extra-long lifespan. Final precision hand-grinding ensures a very high tolerance to ensure an ultra-smooth tight fit in the diff body and diff gear.

  • CNC-machined diff outdrive adapters
  • Fits XB808 front/rear diff
  • HUDY Spring Steel™
  • Lighter than standard adapters
  • Reduced rotating weight
  • Machined on precision German long-turn machines
  • Additionally ground and strategically lightened
  • Maximum strength
  • Extra-long lifespan
  • Precision hand-grinding
  • Super-high tolerance
  • Ultra-smooth tight fit in the diff body and diff gear

#355063 XB808 F/R Diff. Outdrive Adapter – Lightweight – HUDY Spring Steel™ (2)

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Updated: December 16, 2010 — 8:57 PM
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