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We need more solid axle monster trucks!

We need more solid axle monster trucks!

I am a fan of solid axle monster trucks and will always be. I’m bummed about the lack of choices out there when it comes to that category. Kyosho has the Mad Force line, Tamiya has the Super Clod and TXT-1 and HPI Has the wheelie king. They are all cool trucks but I still feel that more can be done to enhance the performance of a solid axle truck. Softer tires and more weight in the chassis will make a big difference. The softer rubber will soak up landings better and a little weight in the chassis will also allow the suspension to work properly. Getting the weight in the chassis down low will also be a big help. Who would you like to see build a solid axle truck? Traxxas? Team Associated? Axial?

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:40 PM
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  1. I would like to see traxxas build a solid axel nascar truck or car . a short corse truck would be cool to .

  2. Definitely Traxxas or Axial…. but then again it would probably be a RTR with a bunch of toss out stuff like a mediocre radio, electronics, silver can motor, nimh bat, wall charger … care package, thank you letter, flowers, temporary tattoos, 9 catalogues, cost 500 bucks…… and include no reassembly instructions. I would love to a Traxxas take on a SA…

  3. I completely agree. Solid-axle trucks are so cool. I think it would be even cooler if somebody did a micro-mini truck….

  4. Agreed Kevin – with Traxxas’s new involvement as a title sponsor of Feld Entertainment (Monster Jam, Supercross, etc), it could open a new window for solid axle monster trucks to gain a lot of popularity – The Kyosho Twin Force is the best current truck out there, but I think if Traxxas got involved, they would refine the process further and bring the class to the masses. These trucks are insanely fun and realistic to drive, and most of the independent suspension fans don’t know what they’re missing!

  5. I agree 100%. There are a few of us who have been asking Traxxas to make one.

  6. Personally, I would like to see Traxxas put their expertise into building asolid axle monster truck.

  7. Kevin you are the man! i just sent you a message about the same thing today on facebook. please somone make a straight axle monster truck.

  8. I totally agree, I have a Clod, a Mad Force, and a Redcat Ground Pounder. Love them all, but we need more. Traxxas did there entry level Monster Jam stampedes, now where is the “true” SOLID axle big brother to that truck for the more experienced guys/ girls out here?
    I think either Traxxas or Axial would be the best candidate to make a good realistic realiable solid axle MONSTER truck!!!! Lets get this out to them so they can see it needs and should be done.

  9. Agreed! The lack of choice will get even worse, HPI is discontinuing the Wheelie King soon. 🙁

  10. The axial wraith is a solid axle truck , or is it not ?

    1. Solid axle rock buggy, not a monster truck

  11. I think traxxas has the best chance of having a solid axle monster become the new rc favorite…they did it with the SC trucks and look how all the other rc companies followed the leader and designed their own versions. I know axial could do it too, they have some great talent over their as well but if its going to be the next SC craze, traxxas has to design it.

  12. It would be great if Traxxas would take the E-Revo/E-Maxx diffs and transmission and build a solid axle truck from them. We need something big, reliable, and fresh. Parts would be easily available, and I would buy at least two. A solid-axle MT that you could just put the batteries into and go straight from the factory with no adjustments or reinforcements would be awesome. I have Clods, Juggs, and Wheely Kings, but I really want a big, near indestructible Traxxas solid-axle MT.

  13. I am the President of a Replica Monster Jam RC Racing club and I personally would love to see Traxxas get involved and make a competition based rig to give us the seasoned veterans of racing and new hobbyists alike a better option on the market instead of telling a spectator that wants to get involved they have to buy a truck and then completely re build the entire truck to just be competitive. I think if Traxxas got to work on a truck for us ( the die hard straight axle fans ) they would really open up our options for a new purchase plus grow this segment of the hobby and make our racing club one that will never lose steam because of parts availability or just the simple fact it is too hard for new racers to get involved with the current selection of trucks.

  14. Definitely Traxxas, maybe Axial. However, the Traxxas rig would have better parts availability, also what Traxxas builds has the growing power to get sloid axle MT’s out there

  15. I would also have to say Traxxas would be the go to for this, they are one of the most popular and usually great for the beginner. I have owned many Traxxas trucks and would love to add a Traxxas straight axle to my group!!!

  16. There could be a natural evolution with the Monster Jam series and the trucks they have. Stampede could be the introduction and then an ALL NEW TRAXXAS SOLID AXLE MONSTER JAM TRUCK….. PLEASE TRAXXAS your our only hope!

  17. I have three very modded clods, I would love to someone like traxxas take this on. I dont believe allot of people even know what they are missing by not owning a solid axle monster truck, they are alot different then any ifs/irs rig (allot more fun imho) I suggest people checking out the R/C monster truck racing on utube!

    1. I sure hope so!

  18. I would L-O-V-E to see a solid axle monster from Traxxas. Coming from them it would be thoroughly tested, have great parts availability, and with their agreement with Monster Jam has potential for some great bodies as well. Any Traxxas product I’ve owned has had awesome reliability and great performance – I can’t even imagine what they would come up with for a solid axle rig. When it comes to solid axle MT’s it hard to think of a truck that I don’t have to throw 80% of it in the parts bin to make it perform up to snuff or upgrade the snot out of it just to make it reliable.

  19. So I take it that you guys want Traxxas to make a solid axle monster truck?

  20. Yes , a solid axle & in kit form would please a lot of people .

  21. Id love to see traxxas make one as well, Id also like to see them focus on realism with it. Put some weight in there like was mentioned, give it enuf power to do a standing start wheelie and a top speed about 7mph(if its 1/10 scale) A realistic competion would be nice to, I’ve seen vids of the R/C monster truck compitions and the trucks look silly way to fast and corner on rails.. the free style was a joke, go fast slam in to stuff then have the corner marshal flip it over… really?

  22. Traxxas should with their affiliation with monster jam, something better than those 2wd monster jam trucks they have now. The realism could be off the charts. Tube chassis 4wd !!

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