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Vintage RC Quiz: Wing Words of Wisdom

Vintage RC Quiz: Wing Words of Wisdom

This was originally written for our March issue’s Tamiya Egress review, but we didn’t have room for it. So here it is online, because the internet can never be full…

Rather than use the massive real estate of a buggy’s rear wing to advertise the name of the brand or car, Tamiya used the space for slogans on many of its early buggies, such as the Egress’ own “Way Out Running.” The slogans ranged from good advice (Never Give Up!), to quotable bravado (No Guts, No Glory!) to simple exclamations (Away!), and remain uniquely Tamiya. They’re wacky, but remember, Being Nuts Is Neat. Here’s a sampling of Tamiya’s wing wordsmithing to test your vintage chops. Match the slogan to the buggy:


Ready for the answers? Click to enlarge: Answers


Updated: July 11, 2014 — 3:50 PM
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