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Venom Upgrades For The Venom Creeper Kit And Safari RTR Creeper Rock Crawlers

Venom Upgrades For The Venom Creeper Kit And Safari RTR Creeper Rock Crawlers

Venom announces four new hop up items for the Creeper Kit and Safari RTR Creeper Rock Crawlers: the Heavy-Duty Alloy Differential Case, Heavy-Duty Differential Lockers, Driveline/VCD Upgrade kit, and Rear Steer Kit. The Heavy-Duty Alloy Differential Case in conjunction with the Heavy-Duty Differential Lockers removes the Differential gears completely and locks the axels, providing unparalleled climbing ability. The Heavy-Duty Lockers will also fit into the stock differential case. Our new Driveline/VCD Upgrade Kit improves early model Creeper and Safari drives to Venom’s revolutionary captured pin system, which eliminates tiny setscrews that were easily stripped out or lost. The new Venom Rear Steer Kit takes your Creeper or Safari to another level of maneuverability.

8410 – Heavy-Duty Differential Lockers – $11.99
8411 – Heavy-Duty Differential Case – $17.99
8412BK – Rear Steer Kit – Black – $27.99
8413 – Driveline/CVD Upgrade Kit – $39.99

Updated: July 10, 2011 — 4:53 PM
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