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Unofficial Sneak Peek: Pro-Line 2.8″ Wheels

Unofficial Sneak Peek: Pro-Line 2.8″ Wheels

Pro-Line has recently released a number of 2.8″ tires that directly fit Traxxas rims. Now we have word that Pro-Line will be releasing at least one of its own 2.8″ rim designs. What we know is that the rim is a one-piece molded plastic rim with a six-spoke design with a faux beadlock ring. More information to come on Monday.

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:49 PM
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  1. This will be just the right tires for my 2006 traxxas rustler XL-5. Oh Yeah… 🙂

  2. Those look pretty sweet! An excuse to get a new Pede…? Maybe so. Pro-Line is releasing a lot of cool stuff for that platform lately.

  3. my son is gonna have a cow when he sees those

  4. iv been looking for 2.8 for my traxxas rustler vxl for months! found them now

  5. Pretty vague description.
    What kind of fitment do you need? M4 and 12mm hexes?

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