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Ryan Cavalieri’s Team Associated SC10 4×4

Ryan Cavalieri’s Team Associated SC10 4×4

I spent some time at the track with Team Associated’s Ryan Cavalieri, Richard Saxton, Sean Cochran and Chris Jarosz doing some testing on the SC10 4×4. They were working on setup and I chatted with Sean about motor choice and swaybar availability for the truck. Check out the video below!

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 5:05 PM
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  1. What motor and ESC combo is he running in this vid, also gearing? Thanks

    1. Here is his 4×4 setup:
      ESC: LRP SXX v2 TC spec
      Motor: Team Orion Vortex VST PRO 5.5
      Gearing: 16/93

  2. What about some body off photos? Are there any custom modifications done on his truck? The readers want to see what’s under the body.

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