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Team Associated RC8B Upgrade Parts

Team Associated RC8B Upgrade Parts

Based on the parts used by our Team Drivers at Motorama, CRCRC Winter Midwest Nitro Champs, and the IFMAR 1:8 Worlds in Thailand, these team-tested and raced parts are now available to everyone and will substantially improve the performance of your RC8B.

89476 RC8B +3mm Chassis $99.99
89477 RCB Light Outdrive, front $19.99
89478 RCB Light Outdrive, rear $19.99
89479 RC8B Upgrade Front Arms $16.99
89480 RC8B Upgrade Rear Arms $16.99
89481 RC8B Low B Plate (includes inserts) $19.99
89482 RC8B Low B Plate Insert $2.99
89483 RC8B Upgrade Front Tower $25.99
89484 RC8B Upgrade Rear Tower $29.99
89485 RC8B Aluminum Steering Posts $10.99
89486 RC8B Rear Swaybar Kit. (Use with #89480 Upgrade Rear Arms.) Includes rear swaybars 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, ball joints, set screws, swaybar retainer eyelets $18.99
89487 RC8B Rear Swaybar, 2.5 green $3.99
89488 RC8B Rear Swaybar, 2.6 white $3.99
89489 RC8B Rear Swaybar, 2.7 blue $3.99
89490 RC8B Rear Swaybar, 2.8 yellow $3.99
89491 RC8B Suspension Upgrade Kit. Includes front and rear towers, modified front and rear upper and lower arms, straight eyelets, M3 x 22 button head cap screws $59.99

Parts Availability: June 2011

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 5:09 PM
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