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Tamiya RC Ford Bronco 1973 Scale Rock Crawler

The latest from Tamiya:
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The Ford Bronco is a famous American 4X4 off-road vehicle. This 1970’s model was among the first series called “Early Bronco” which were produced during 1965-1977. Three types of bodies were released; the fully-open “Roadster,” the single cabin pick-up “Utility,” and the “Wagon” which had a resin roof. The body featured triangular protrusions on both sides on the curved front hood which worked well as a guide for drivers to accurately measure the body size while driving. The front suspension features coil springs combined with the rigid axle, which was a first for mass-produced 4X4 vehicles and works well both on-road and off-road. The Bronco is still greatly popular around the world, particularly in America, where many are used as cross-country and rock crawling vehicles.

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To heighten realism and night runs you can add front and rear LED’s easily
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About the model:
* This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit model of the Ford Bronco 1973.
* Comes on the excellent CR-01 crawling chassis.
* The newly designed polycarbonate body captures the Bronco’s classic form.
* Newly designed metal plated H parts (Grille, side mirrors, and light covers) are made of durable ABS resin.
* The Bronco comes equipped with CR-01 Cliff Crawler Tires (Item 54117).
* Type 540 motor included.-ESC, 2-channel R/C system, battery pack & charger are separately required.
* A wide range of Hop Up parts are available for you to further customize your machine.

(unless stated differently above)

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