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Let’s Just Go Ahead and Make Electronic Stability Race-Legal

Let’s Just Go Ahead and Make Electronic Stability Race-Legal

First things first: go visit our friends at LiveRC.com and read this to get the scoop on the DNC shenanigans: DNC: Gyros, why do we care?

Author Tyler Hooks closes with this:

Either we need to find a way to definitively catch anyone using [electronic stability assistance, i.e. gyros], or work on technology that prevents it. Until then, it is almost impossible to enforce the rule. Or you could allow [electronic stability assistance] which stops all need to enforce stopping them.

I’m on the “just go ahead and allow electronic stability control” side of the equation. Back when tough-guys’ heads were exploding over the idea that anyone anywhere should enjoy RC more via electronic stability assistance when Spektrum announced Active Vehicle Control, I was firmly on the side of “easier to drive is more fun and more fun is good.” And if racers want to use electronic stability assistance too, I say go for it. As in, make it legal. But until then, I think it’s pretty crummy that racers (easily the most vociferous of the “electronic stability bad!” proponents) would sneak it into their cars–especially at a big event like The Dirt Nitro Challenge. It’s against the rules (specifically ROAR rule 5.2.3), and therefore it’s cheating, and it’s just a bad look for someone to secretly employ a technology they outwardly claim to be unfair or lazy. 

But moving forward? Yeah, go ahead and make electronic stability systems legal. I understand it may chafe some folks’ sense of purity to allow electronic stability in RC racing, but allowing them is much easier than policing them, and there’s no advantage if all drivers are allowed to use the tech. Nor is it expensive, so there’s no chance it’s going to unfairly tip racing success toward a select few with more money to spend. And the tech doesn’t drive the car for you; the guy who crosses the finish line first will still be the guy with the best setup who chooses the best lines. Guys with less setup skill and driving skill aren’t going to suddenly outperform more-skilled racers. But they will have an easier time getting around the track, which is more fun, and builds confidence, and makes them want to stick with racing. And that’s never a bad thing.  

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RPM Rear Bumper For The Traxxas Electric Rustler

RPM Rear Bumper For The Traxxas Electric Rustler

From RPM:
Are you looking for an actual rear bumper for your electric Rustler? We have you covered! Our new rear bumper is designed to protect the rear of the chassis, the motor and the body, all while still allowing the use of a stock Traxxas Wheelie Bar (Traxxas #3678 – not included). Additionally, if you decide to run without the Wheelie Bar, our rear bumper is so versatile, it’ll adapt and allow either configuration.

The RPM Rear Bumper for the electric Rustler is designed tough, with serious impact absorption characteristics built in. With the use of an RPM Rear Bumper Mount (RPM #80902 or #80905 – not included), the protection for the motor becomes nearly indestructible!

Each RPM Rear Bumper is made in the USA from our engineering grade nylons and is backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage.

Tech Notes: RPM Rear Bumpers for the Traxxas Electric Rustler require a bumper mount (either a Traxxas #3677, RPM #80902 or RPM #80905 – not included) or a Wheelie Bar (Traxxas #3678 – not included) to install. If your version did not come with a bumper mount or wheelie bar, you will need to acquire one prior to installing. Works with most known Traxxas Rustler bodies. Aftermarket or non-standard bodies may require trimming for proper fit. Will not fit the Nitro Rustler.

#70812 – Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Electric Rustler – Black – $11.95
#70815 – Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Electric Rustler – Blue – $11.95
Visit RPMRCProducts.com
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RPM Rear Bumper For The Traxxas Electric Rustler RPM Rear Bumper For The Traxxas Electric Rustler RPM Rear Bumper For The Traxxas Electric Rustler RPM Rear Bumper For The Traxxas Electric Rustler RPM Rear Bumper For The Traxxas Electric Rustler

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50+MPH Spartan With Rock N’ Roll Paint [VIDEO]

50+MPH Spartan With Rock N’ Roll Paint [VIDEO]

 50+MPH Spartan With Rock N' Roll Paint

50+MPH Spartan With Rock N' Roll Paint50+MPH Spartan With Rock N' Roll Paint

From Traxxas:
Spartan is the kind of boat you expect from Traxxas. Its 50+mph fury makes even the most insatiable, power-hungry enthusiasts jump up and take notice. Spartan means business with its super-rigid, 36-inch deep-V hull, smooth, cable-drive efficiency, innovative water cooling system, and precision aluminum and stainless steel drive controls. The clean, modern hull design is built up in layers for maximum rigidity and its bold new paint makes a statement on the water. The integrated battery trays secure a wide variety of battery packs from 8.4V NiMH batteries all the way up to 8400mAh 3s LiPo packs. Spartan (#57076-4) Electronics Tray Removal (RNR) A high-output TQi 2.4GHz radio with the innovative Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) system keeps Spartan under complete control as it slices through the water. Spartan delivers the power, speed, convenience, and fun for which Traxxas’ award-winning cars and trucks are known. Prepare yourself for the ultimate RC boating power trip, only from Traxxas.


  • 35+mph with two 7.4V LiPo packs, 50+mph on 6s LiPo all-out! (batteries sold separately)
  • Sleek 36″ deep-V hull for stable high-speed performance
  • Water-cooled, waterproof VXL-6s marine speed control
  • Velineon 540XL high-output brushless motor with high flow water-cooling jacket
  • TQi 2.4GHz radio system with Traxxas Stability Management®
  • Quick-release Power Module integrates power system, waterproof electronics, and stuffing tube
  • Blue-anodized aluminum rudder support, rudder, and drive strut
  • Stainless steel turn fins, trim tabs, and hardware


Spartan is fully assembled with a TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system, Velineon brushless power system, applied graphics, and detailed instructions. Traxxas backs the Spartan and all of our products with industry-leading support that is second to none. A staff of skilled representatives is on-hand to answer your questions via phone, website, or e-mail. Unmatched parts support allows Spartan to be serviced with parts and support from thousands of hobby dealers worldwide. Traxxas goes the extra mile to ensure that your RC experience is fun, easy, and fast!

#57076-4 – $429.99

*Batteries and charger sold separately
Visit Traxxas.com
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50+MPH Spartan With Rock N' Roll Paint 50+MPH Spartan With Rock N' Roll Paint 50+MPH Spartan With Rock N' Roll Paint 50+MPH Spartan With Rock N' Roll Paint 50+MPH Spartan With Rock N' Roll Paint

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Exotek TLR 22-4 Center Spool Set For Spec Racing

Exotek TLR 22-4 Center Spool Set For Spec Racing

From Exotek Racing:
Super light slipper lock out conversion for the TLR 22-4 2.0 buggy.

Greatly reduces the rotating mass of the 22-4 drive line for improved acceleration and lower motor temps which are needed in the very competitive 13.5 spec classes. The complete stock slipper assembly is 32gr and the complete Exotek spool is 19.75gr.

The axle is made of titanium to reduce weight but maintain durability and the locking plates are lightened polished aluminum.

These eliminates the heavy steel shaft, slipper pads, springs and plates all while using the TLR spur gears and pulleys for easy replacement when needed (works with the TLR alloy small pulley as well).

For 13.5 or 17.5 spec racing use only.

76t spur gear, pulleys, etc shown not included.

#1789 – $42.95 MSRP
Visit ExotekRacing.com
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Exotek 22-4 Center Spool Set For Spec Racing Exotek 22-4 Center Spool Set For Spec Racing Exotek 22-4 Center Spool Set For Spec Racing

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Reedy Sonic 540-M3 6.5 For 1/12 Vehicles

Reedy Sonic 540-M3 6.5 For 1/12 Vehicles

From Reedy:
Reedy’s Sonic 540-M3 motor is now available in a special 6.5 version designed specifically for 1:12 Modified class racers who race in European events where a 6.5-turn limit is mandated. A short-stack stator, revised wire sizes, upgraded magnet, and reduced weight make this version perfectly suited for this distinct racing application.

Visit www.reedypower.com for a complete list of Reedy motors, batteries, electronic speed controls, servos, and accessories.


  • Short-stack stator
  • Revised wire sizes
  • Upgraded 1:12 magnet
  • CNC-machined, lightweight, 3-piece can
  • Aluminum end cap
  • Low-resistance, silver plated solder tabs
  • Optimized air cooling
  • Dual precision ball bearings
  • Balanced rotor
  • Adjustable timing
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Competition proven


Cells: 1S LiPo
Diameter: 35.8mm
Length: 52.7mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.15mm
Weight: 167g

#251 – $149.00 MSRP
Visit ReedyPower.com
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Reedy Sonic 540-M3 6.5 For 1/12 Vehicles

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Team Associated RC10B6.1 Team Kit

Team Associated RC10B6.1 Team Kit

Team Associated RC10B6.1 Team Kit Team Associated RC10B6.1 Team Kit Team Associated RC10B6.1 Team Kit

From Team Associated:
Champions by design.

1:10 scale 2WD off road has been Team Associated’s signature class since the release of the RC10 in 1984. The Team Associated RC10 buggy series has won 12 of the 17 I.F.M.A.R. World Championships contested since the racing class began. In fact, Team Associated has won more 2WD I.F.M.A.R World Championships than all other manufacturers combined!

The engineering continues.

The B6 platform introduced the use of two separate chassis configurations — the B6.1 continues this theme. The B6.1 will be the choice for tracks with very high traction, where a forward mass is beneficial and chassis roll needs to be tamed through a low center of gravity and anti-roll bars. The B6.1D now has an all-new Lay Back Stealth(r) transmission that gives the car additional traction when exiting the corners. The addition of +1 Ackermann plates and gull wing suspension arms tune the steering for razor-sharp feel and control. Both cars have new features, including an easy-access differential, diff height adjustability, and an all-new slipper assembly, while the setups and tuning parts remain interchangeable between the two configurations. Both versions come with the speed, durability and lineage expected of a true champion. Choose the configuration that suits your track and conquer the competition!


  • Easy-access gear differential
  • Differential height adjustment with 0, 1, 2, and 3mm inserts included
  • New slipper assembly for better weight balance and shock clearance
  • 3-gear Laydown Stealth(r) transmission for lower and forward CG
  • Heavy-duty V2 routed graphite front shock tower with tower guard
  • Heavy-duty V2 routed graphite rear tower, standard height
  • Heavy-duty V2 rear axle with 67mm bones
  • V2 springs for a more reactive and nimble feel
  • Innovative rear arm with molded inserts for ultra-fine lower shock mount adjustment
  • Molded spur gear guard to help protect body from damage
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars limit chassis roll for increased corner speed
  • Battery strap allows the use of optional turnbuckle-based braces
  • Machined pistons included for better fit and smoother operation
  • Aluminum rear clamping hex and front axle with laser etching
  • Rear hubs feature large bearings and the easy-insert system to adjust camber link position and rear axle height
  • One-piece shock bushing to make assembly easier
  • Aluminum C and D arm mounts included for large range of anti-squat and toe adjustment
  • Lightweight aluminum top shaft
  • Factory Team upgraded ball bearing kit included (now oiled instead of greased for less drag)
  • JConcepts(r) B6 clear body and wing included
  • Steel chassis weight
  • Shortened, 7075 aluminum chassis


Power Source: Electric
Terrain: Off-Road
Body Style: Buggy
Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
Assembly Level: Kit*
Length: varies
Width: varies
Wheelbase: varies
Weight: varies
Gear Ratio: 2.6:1
Drive: 2WD

* This vehicle comes as a kit and must be fully assembled by the user. Electronics and/or an engine/motor may be required.

Required to Complete:

  • 1:10 scale 540-size electric motor
  • 1:10 scale electronic speed control
  • 7.4V LiPo or 6.6V LiFe battery (shorty pack, saddle pack, or square pack) Saddle Pack and Square can be used, but you must remove the battery strap #91731 — the battery must be held in with 2 sided tape.
  • Battery charger (able to charge one of the batteries mentioned above)
  • 2-channel surface transmitter, and its batteries
  • 2-channel receiver
  • Steering servo
  • Pinion gear (48 pitch)
  • Spray paint for polycarbonate body
  • 1:10 scale buggy wheels
  • 1:10 scale buggy tires
  • Glue for tires and wheels

#90020 – $479.99 MSRP
Visit TeamAssociated.com
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Team Associated RC10B6.1 Team Kit Team Associated RC10B6.1 Team Kit Team Associated RC10B6.1 Team Kit

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Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs

Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs

Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs

From Team Associated:
In the world of short-course off road racing, RJ Anderson has become one of the youngest pro-class champions in the history of the sport. Alongside his championships in the Pro UTV and Pro-lite classes, he has also won the Super-Lite Challenge Cup. RJ is always pushing to be the best and nothing short of winning is his goal. His passion for winning has awarded him UTV Driver of the Year, TORC Series Rookie of the Year, and even Pro2 Rookie of the Year. Now joining the Rockstar Energy family, there is no doubt that RJ Anderson is nothing short of a success in off-road racing.

Team Associated’s new 2WD ProSC10 is a Ready-To-Run RC replica of the truck driven by RJ Anderson in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. The ProSC10 features a rear motor short-course chassis that utilizes many of the same parts from the widely successful RC10SC5M platform. Adjustable aluminum big bore coil-over shocks, a sealed-gear differential, and heavy-duty CVA driveshafts are all features that come standard on the ProSC10. A powerful water-resistant Reedy electronic speed controller and 3300Kv electric motor power the ProSC10 for high-speed fun. To handle the power, the ProSC10 comes equipped with realistic wheels and tires specifically made to handle any off-road condition.

A 2.4GHz 2-channel radio system featuring a DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) receiver also comes standard in the ProSC10. Protected by the water-resistant enclosed receiver box, the DVC system improves stability in all terrain conditions by automatically counter-steering when the vehicle starts to slide. With a metal-gear high-torque Reedy servo rounding out the electronics package, the ProSC10 is nothing short of a success in RC off-road racing.

ProSC10 RTR Features:

  • Based on the 9-time R.O.A.R. National Champion short-course race truck platform
  • 2.4GHz 2-channel radio with new DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) receiver featuring built-in adjustable gyro
  • High-torque, metal-gear Reedy Servo with spring style servo saver
  • Powerful Reedy 3300kV brushless motor
  • Water-resistant high-power Reedy brushless speed control with T-plug connector and LiPo low voltage cutoff
  • Factory-finished short-course racing truck body in two body schemes: #70015 Rockstar and #70016 AE Team
  • Water-resistant enclosed receiver box
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum top shaft
  • Low center-of-gravity molded composite chassis with hook-and-loop battery straps that accommodate both NiMH and 2/3s LiPo battery packs
  • Metric hardware throughout
  • 14 precision rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • Durable front and rear body mounts
  • Rear CVA drive shafts for more reliability
  • Aluminum 12mm big bore coil-over shock absorbers
  • 2.6:1 ratio gearbox with heavy-duty sealed gear differential and externally adjustable V2 slipper clutch
  • Rugged steel turnbuckles for adjustable camber and front toe-in
  • Fully adjustable suspension geometry
  • Vertical ball ends for roll center adjustments, front and rear
  • Many Factory Team options already available!
  • Combos #70015C and #70016C include a Reedy Compact Balance Charger and Reedy 7.4V LiPo Battery with T-plug in each


Scale: 1:10
Power: Electric
Length: 538mm / 21.18”
Width: 282mm / 11.1”
Weight: 1928.6g / 4.25lb
Wheelbase: 322mm / 12.68”
Assembly Ready-To-Run*
Drive: 2WD

*Extra parts needed:

  • Four (4) AA batteries for the transmitter
  • #70015, 70016: NiMH or LiPo battery with High Current T-Plug
  • #70015, 70016: Charger for battery used

#70015 – ProSC10 Rockstar RTR – $299.97 MAP
#70015C – ProSC10 Rockstar RTR Brushless LiPo Combo – $359.99 MAP
#70016 – ProSC10 AE Team RTR – $299.97 MAP
#70016C – ProSC10 AE Team RTR Brushless LiPo Combo – $359.99 MAP
Visit TeamAssociated.com
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Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs Team Associated RTR ProSC10 Rockstar & AE Team SCTs

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Pro-Line is the undisputed body, tire, and wheel king, and also makes a heckuva a complete RC car—go look up our reviews of the PRO-2, PRO-2 SC, and PRO-MT 2WD models to refresh your memory. And now the gang in Banning, California, is at it again with a new PRO model: their first-ever 4X4 monster. But unlike the 2-wheelers, the PRO-MT 4X4 is a clean-sheet design—no carryovers from the 2WD models, no parts that were originally designed as upgrades for other brands. And Pro-Line didn’t skimp when ticking off features—you won’t find dogbones or plastic shocks or wimpy anything in this 4X4. And while Pro-Line does build it for you, the electronics choices are left to you. Use stuff you already have or get a new high-output system—anything designed for 1/10 or 1/8 action will fit.

Pro-Line PRO-MT 4X4 - specifications

Pro-Line’s moto-tastic Badlands MX28 tires are the perfect choice for hard-hitting off-road action.


Steel-Reinforced 6061 Aluminum Chassis
Stamped-aluminum chassis are a pretty standard feature for many RC trucks, but Pro-Line goes beyond a basic sheet design by upping the thickness to 3mm (instead of the more common 2.5mm) and adding a 3mm-thick steel “spine” that runs the length of the chassis. This, combined with conventional 1/8-buggy-style bracing, makes the chassis exceptionally strong without a bulky upper deck getting in the way. Tall mudguards also provide some reinforcement and hide the gap between the chassis and rocker panels when running lifted bodies.

PRO-LINE PRO-MT 4X4 aluminum chassis

The MT’s aluminum chassis is reinforced by a steel spine—it’s that black strip running down the center.


Slip-Proof Aluminum Motor Mount
Ever had your gear mesh get squished too tight or kicked too loose after a crash? Pro-Line’s clever motor mount prevents that, and makes it easier to set gear mesh too. Plastic inserts position the motor mount for 14–21T gears and prevent the mounting screws from sliding in their slots. The mount itself is thickly machined out of aluminum and features an integrated support to take some of the strain off the motor’s mounting screws.

Pro-Line PRO-MT 4X4 - motor mount

The machined motor mount is drilled for 1/10 and 1/8 motors, and plastic inserts set gear mesh.


Heavy-Duty Pivot-Ball Suspension
The MT’s suspension parts look as if they could easily do double-duty as 1/8-scale
buggy components. The arms are thickly molded and reinforced, and machined arm mounts help make sure that the MT won’t come back needing a sling if you whack
something at speed. The rear end gets a conventional H-arm/camber-link setup, but the front end uses pivot balls for articulation. This allows easy camber and caster changes, and eliminates the stress points of hingepins and kingpins passing through a C-hub.

Beefy. Pro-Line did not skimp when it comes to making thick, strong parts.


The big-bore shocks feature 16mm aluminum bodies, X-ring seals, and nutted Delrin pistons.


Bombproof Drivetrain
Gotta have shaft drive in a 4WD monster truck, and Pro-Line obliges with a stout setup. All three diffs get four spider gears and hold silicone fluid, the front and rear gearboxes get metal ring and pinion gears, and the pinion and spur gears are Mod 1 metric pitch. That works out to 25.4 pitch—in other words, you’ve got big, broad gear teeth to hold up to whatever grenade you want to install as your motor. Steel CV-style universal-joint driveshafts are fitted front and rear, and the final stop is a set of 17mm 1/8-scale-style hex hubs. Grade-A beef throughout.

Pro-Line PRO-MT 4X4 - Mod 1 gears

What big teeth you have! The MT’s Mod 1 gears are build for heavy horsepower.


Pro-Line PRO-MT 4X4 - pinion

The supplied 16T pinion fits 5mm motor shafts, and an adapter sleeve is included for 1/8-inch shafts.


Pro-Line PRO-MT 4X4 - Bronco“Try the Bronco,” They Said
The MT arrives with a perfectly good-looking Sentinel body, but when Pro-Line sent over a snap of the MT wearing the #3488 ’66 Ford Bronco body, we fell in love with the monster-Bronco look. The body is designed for the Axial SCX10 Deadbolt (as shown here), but it lines up perfectly on the PRO-MT. And thanks to the generous amount of body post adjustment built into the truck, it’s easy to get the stance just right.


TEST GEAR: Tekin RX4 Speed Control & T8 GEN2 Motor
The PRO-MT 4X4 can accept a huge variety of power systems, whether you’re recycling stuff from a 1/10-scale truck or going big with a 1/8-scale system. To really give the MT a workout, I went with Tekin’s RX4 speed control and T8 motor combo. The 2050Kv model is ideal for 4S power and suits the RX4’s 2300Kv motor limit (on 4S, that is—if you stick with motors of 1200Kv or less, you can go 6S). The RX4 is a sensored speed control, so throttle control is ultra precise. And since it’s a Tekin, it’s fully adjustable via computer or Bluetooth (and directly at the speed control, of course), and reliability is a given.


Behind the Design – Pro-Line’s Matt Wallace
Before plastic squirts into molds, CNC machines spin billet, and hydraulic presses squish sheet metal, it takes a team to put pixels onto screens and transform pure imagination into locked designs. We tapped PRO-MT 4X4 project leader Matt Wallace for his insights on the truck’s journey from green light
to final product.

Pro-Line’s Matt Wallace

Pro-Line’s Matt Wallace


RC Car Action: How long did it take to go from “let’s do a 4X4 monster truck” to the finished design, ready for tooling?
Matt Wallace: The design and prototyping of the truck took a few months and was both a challenge and a ton of fun at the same time. The PRO-MT 4×4 is Pro-Line’s first true clean-sheet, in-house kit design not based on other platforms, so we put in a lot of time and thought into making it the best possible.

Was it always a monster truck? Was a 1/8 buggy considered, or a 4X4 SC truck, or something else?
Yes, the project started with the idea of creating the most extreme and durable 1/10-scale 4WD monster truck in the industry, and we think that goal was achieved. The original PRO-MT 2WD we released a few years ago gained critical acclaim, but the recurring feedback from Pro-Line fans was the desire for a 4WD version. This formed the basis for the PRO-MT 4X4. Now that the platform has been established, there is near-limitless possibilities of what the Pro-Line team might create in the future.

What features or capabilities were considered must-haves?
From day one, we knew the PRO-MT 4X4 would have to handle today’s crazy power systems—including 1/8-scale systems—right out of the box with no need for expensive upgrades. This was achieved by making several parts on the truck spec’d out like a 1/8-scale but in a true 1/10-scale overall size. We also knew the truck had to have an aluminum chassis, big-bore shocks, and the adjustable 3-diff setup. Everything else was designed to be as durable and easy to work on as possible.

Pro-Line could have easily put existing parts from the other PRO models to work. Why go all new?
4WD is a different animal compared to 2WD, so we needed to step up the size of everything to achieve that next level of durability. We have seen videos of what your readers do with their trucks when they are out bashing!

The truck can accept a wide variety of power systems. What’s your favorite setup?
We spent the most time testing the PRO-MT 4X4 with extreme power systems to make sure it could handle the abuse over the long term. This means we were using 4S LiPo batteries with a 1/8-scale-sized 1900Kv motors, which provided crazy standing backflips, unlimited wheelies, and extreme fun. A side benefit of using 1/8 motor systems is that you don’t have to worry too much about temps since the vehicle is fairly light for that amount of power and the motor is not getting overworked. But a typical 3S setup is more than enough for most people and still provides tons of fun.

The truck is extremely tough. Do modern rapid-prototyping methods let you test for durability before you commit to tooling?
Pro-Line stays on the cutting edge of technology, and we own the latest and greatest 3D printers to make sure we are producing the best products possible. We also have in-house manufacturing capabilities not typically found at most modern RC companies, and we used them to full advantage for this project. Those things, combined with our 35+ years of experience in the indus­try, allowed us to make one tough truck.

Is there any chance we’ll see an RTR version?
I can’t comment specifically on potential upcoming products, but anything
is possible!

Any shout-outs you’d like to give to anyone else on the Pro-Line team?
First, I have to thank all of the Pro-Line fans out there who inspire us to make the best RC products possible. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do all of this cool stuff! There is a ton of people behind the scenes at Pro-Line who make a project like the PRO-MT 4X4 come to life from all departments, including Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Videos, and Production along with our excellent suppliers. Pro-Line is truly an incredible place to work, and I’m blessed to play a small part in the success of the company. Special thanks to RC Car Action for giving me an opportunity to talk about the PRO-MT 4X4.

Behind the Wheel
Installing the Tekin, Spektrum, Hitec, and MaxAmps gear selected to complete the PRO-MT 4X4 was easy, as Pro-Line designed the chassis to accommodate a wide range of setups. The manual covers the basics of installing the radio gear and a power system, but any experienced RC’er will already know what goes where (exception: setting the spacers to match the pinion size. Look at the manual!). Finishing off the factory-trimmed Sentinel body is as complex as you want to make it, but even a 15-minute spray bomb can look good thanks to the included window masks, overspray film, and decals. Pro-Line does a good job of building the MT as a roller, and there was nothing to fix or touch up before hitting the dirt. As with any monster truck, the MT’s performance is very much a tire-and-suspension story, and the truck shines on both fronts. The Badlands tires may be RC’s best-looking truck treads, and they move dirt as ferociously as the motocross rubber they’re patterned after. Pin the throttle in loose terrain, and the Badlands will roost hard until they find something to grab onto. On hard-pack, they just dig in and go. There’s forward-bite and side-bite galore (watch out for traction rolling), and the big lugs are also happy on grass and pavement. The MT makes the most of its 1/8-scale buggy-style suspension, and the big-bore shocks combined with the cushy Badlands tires go a long way in smoothing the ride. Front and rear swaybars didn’t seem to impact the suspension’s suppleness, and do help the truck feel “neutral” in turns. Be ready for the front wheels to come up when you mash the trigger, especially if you go big in the power department. Pro-Line fills the diffs with silicone for you (100,000 wt. in the center, per the manual), but the diffs can still unload if you’re a real hammer. You can always install thicker fluid, and diff access is easy. When it’s time to leave planet Earth, the MT is a capable jumper. You’ve got 4WD with big gyroscopes (the wheels) on each corner that make the truck very responsive to throttle and brake for flight corrections, and re-entry is capably soaked up by the super-sized shocks. The truck encourages ever bigger launches and the inevitable wrecks that come with the territory. The MT took the abuse in stride and didn’t lose so much as a body clip (of course, it helps that the truck doesn’t have body clips. Love those Secure-Loc body posts…).


+ Skimp-free specs, premium throughout
+ No body clips! Secure-Loc for the win
+ Super tough
+ Ready for all kinds of power systems

– Trying hard here, but “none.”

Final Word
Well done, Pro-Line. The PRO-MT 4X4 is a bunch of fun and tougher than a $2 steak, which is exactly what a monster truck should be. The other big part of the MT’s appeal is what it isn’t—and that’s an RTR. Nothing wrong with RTRs, of course, but RTR (usually) means more plastic, less metal, and factory electronics that may be less capable than what you really want. The PRO-MT 4X4 spares you from pulling out a perfectly good RTR power system to spend more money on something else, swap plastic shocks for aluminum, etc. You’re getting premium, pro-grade race specs (and 1/8-scale-buggy toughness) in a model that just happens to be a monster truck instead of a competition car. And at $400, it’s actually a bargain compared to upgrading an RTR monster to match Pro-Line’s specs. If you’re looking for the ultimate 1/10-scale monster truck, this is it.

ESP Zilla 2 Monster Jam Throwback [READER’S RIDE]

ESP Zilla 2 Monster Jam Throwback [READER’S RIDE]

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Chris Nissen submitted this truck along with a vintage Clod on behalf of his buddy Jeff DeWitt. We showcased Jeff’s truck last week, but Chris’ is deserving of its own moment in the spotlight. He identifies it nominally as an ESP Zilla 2, but he tells us about the only thing left from the original ESP kit are the lower chassis hoops. He fabricated new frame rails to accept Freestyle RC swaybars, and designed a lower ride height shock mount along with a wheelie bar setup. He machined his own 4-link setup too—1/2in. square stock for the uppers with a pocket for the rod end from the swaybar and turned down to match the diameter of the lower links, which were made from 3/8in round stock. Steering uses a CPE vertical mount and custom HD linkages using RC4WD rod ends. The machined gearboxes, axle braces, and knuckles are from Hesse, and Hot Racing supplied the axle tubes. A pair of Castle SW3’s and 5700kv motors power the truck with juice from a Gens Ace 2S 7400mAh LiPo. The shocks are Team Associated V2 big bores, with JConcepts wheels, tires and beadlock rings.

ESP Zilla 2, Monster Truck, Monster Jam, Chevy, Excaliber, Freestyle RC, CPE, RC4WD, Hesse, Hot Racing, Castle Creations, Gens Ace, Team Associated, JConcepts


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ESP Zilla 2, Monster Truck, Monster Jam, Chevy, Excaliber, Freestyle RC, CPE, RC4WD, Hesse, Hot Racing, Castle Creations, Gens Ace, Team Associated, JConcepts ESP Zilla 2, Monster Truck, Monster Jam, Chevy, Excaliber, Freestyle RC, CPE, RC4WD, Hesse, Hot Racing, Castle Creations, Gens Ace, Team Associated, JConcepts ESP Zilla 2, Monster Truck, Monster Jam, Chevy, Excaliber, Freestyle RC, CPE, RC4WD, Hesse, Hot Racing, Castle Creations, Gens Ace, Team Associated, JConcepts ESP Zilla 2, Monster Truck, Monster Jam, Chevy, Excaliber, Freestyle RC, CPE, RC4WD, Hesse, Hot Racing, Castle Creations, Gens Ace, Team Associated, JConcepts


Reader’s Rides is sponsored by PRO-LINE. Click for the latest gear!

Take a 5-Minute Trail-Truck Break [VIDEO]

Take a 5-Minute Trail-Truck Break [VIDEO]

You could use a 5-minute break, right? Chill out (literally, there’s snow) and watch these rigs get down under an overpass–off-road is where you find it! There’s a Traxxas TRX4, Axial SCX10 II, and Tamiya High-Lift in there, doing work. 




You biff the landing and your rig flips and cartwheels a million times before landing on its wheels. Do you walk over and carefully inspect it before getting back on the gas, or just floor it? Don’t lie, you just floor it. Turns out full-size truckers do the same, or at least these mud-boggin’ lunatics do. Watch this carnage from the Hold My Beer Nationals and see if it doesn’t remind you of your last go-big-or-go-home RC session. 



0:10 – Maybe the spectators should stand a little farther away
0:19 – “I think I may have broken something. Oh well, NOT LIFTING.”
0:50 – Upside down, helmet filling with muddy water…that has got to be terrifying
1:02 – Definitely need more FUELED BY HATERZ in my life
1:44 – What was holding that wheel on? Zip-ties?
2:00 – “I made it and I didn’t break nothin’!” Life comes at you fast…
2:30 – The lost Duke brother. Also, that truck is insanely strong.
2:49 – Metal-horns guy is feeling it
3:13 – Love the driveshaft sliding out. *sad trombone*
3:20 – “Hold ALL my beers.”
3:54 – Lame crash but look at the tents covered in mud right up against the track. Hope those dudes brought goggles!

Want more full-size-cars-getting-wrecked fun? In Alaska, they do it with a cliff. 

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