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RC4WD has been at the forefront of the rock crawling and scale segments of the rc hobby for years, offering high-quality after-market parts such as aluminum crawler axles and wheels. One of RC4WD’s first kit trucks, the Subzero, was inspired by the full-size Scorpion 4×4, which was developed for military use. Boasting scale wheels, tires and axles, not only is this vehicle one of the most realistic trucks on the market, but it’s also at home on the rocks. It features heavy-duty parts including a steel-tube-frame chassis, heavy-duty metal planetary transmission, transfer case and steel driveshafts. Rock crawling is hard on parts, and the Subzero is up to the challenge. Let’s get behind the wheel of this awesome scale rig and see what it’s made of.

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 1:28 PM
Hobbico Inner Basher  600x120
Hobbico Dromida Inner Basher 600x120


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  1. what issue is it in cause ive got all issues since late 2008

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