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Steven Hartson Signs to run JConcepts line of Tires, Wheels and Accessories

Steven Hartson Signs to run JConcepts line of Tires, Wheels and Accessories

Latest driver news from JConcepts:

Steven has signed on to race the full line of JConcepts products including tires, wheels, bodies and accessories. Although Steven has been a team member and running the JConcepts 1/10th scale line-up for quite some time, this announcement comes as Hartson brings his skills to the 1/8th division. Hartson brings the out-right speed comparable to the top electric racers in the world, but as of yet has not had the opportunities to showcase his talents in the 1:8 scene.

With multiple A-Main finishes in 1:10 National Championships and major International events, Hartson looks to transfer these results to the ultra- competitive U.S. 1:8 scale scene. Local to Southern California, he’s sure to get his feet wet fast with weekly competitors such as Ryan Cavalieri, Cody King, Adam Drake, Mike Truhe, Ryan Lutz and so on. Look for Team Hartson at many events around the Southern California area and throughout the world.

Updated: December 16, 2010 — 8:54 PM
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