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Savox Servo Trade in Program

Savox Servo Trade in Program

Latest from Savox:

“Out With the Old and In With the New”

Here’s How it Works.

Here at savoxusa.com we are going to help you save a little money this holiday season. So we will be offering $20 off on some of our most popular servos.

It’s just three simple steps to get your instant $20 savings on your new Savox servo.

Step 1: Add your selected servo to the shopping cart and enter the coupon code: servotradein.
Step 2: Get your new servo and start enjoying the awesomeness!!!
Step 3: Place your old servo in the envelope that will come with your new servo and drop it in the mail.

It is as easy as that. You get a great new servo that will enhance the performance of your car, truck, plane, or heli and you are rid of your old servo for good.

Below is a list of all the sweet metal and titanium geared servos you can choose from to get your instant $20 savings!! Click on one of the servos below to see full specs and place your order.

SAVSC1256TG .15/277 – Price after Rebate ONLY $59.99!
SAVSC1257TG .07/139 – Price after Rebate ONLY $47.99!
SAVSC1258TG .08/167 – Price after Rebate ONLY $47.99!
SAVSC1267MG .09/291 @7.4V – Price after Rebate ONLY $75.90!
SAVSC1268MG .11/361 @7.4V – Price after Rebate ONLY $75.90!
SAVSH1250MG .11/63 – Price after Rebate ONLY $42.99!
SAVSH1257MG .07/36 – Price after Rebate ONLY $42.99!
SAVSH1290MG .048/69 – Price after Rebate ONLY $48.95!

Updated: January 7, 2011 — 3:21 PM
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