Top 10 Crawling Tips

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1. Keep the CG (center of gravity) as low as possible. Everything must be mounted as low as you can get it. This even includes the body. It’s better to slam the body and hack off the fenders for tire clearance rather than have a body sitting high up.


2. Add weight to the front tires. This will give your rig better vertical climbing performance.


3. Use Simple Green to revive old tires and make new tires even better.


4. Mount shocks upside down to further lower your CG.


5. Use rounder-shaped bodies (Bug). You’ll have more of a tendency to flip back over if you roll your truck.


6. Add dig. It gives you a ton of maneuverability on the rocks and increases your vertical climbing performance.


7. Good tires make all the difference on a crawler. Do some research and run what’s hot in your area. If the good guys are running a certain tire and wheel setup and you run the same setup, your rig is 80% there.


8. Drag brakes in a speed control is crucial to any crawler. The ability to let off the throttle and not slip backwards is great in comps. Even for going downhill, you want to go down slowly and not coast without braking.


9. Instant reverse is one of the best features you can get in a speed control. If you’re about to flip your crawler, stab reverse and you’ll save yourself from flipping.


10. High-quality soldering irons make better connections. When the solder and metal is at the right temperature, the connection is solid and won’t come undone easily.


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