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Reedy Launches Ti Motor FEBRUARY 2001

Reedy Launches Ti Motor FEBRUARY 2001
Reedy Modifieds’ latest mod motor features heavy duty solder tabs, color-coded brush hood heatsinks (red on the positive side, black on the negative), big vents in the endbell, improved brush dampers, a thick 1.4mm can (for stronger magnetic field), a new cooler-running can vent pattern, and “C4” magnets, which Reedy claims are stronger than other current magnets. The Ti motors also use a new armature design that, according to Reedy, creates a stronger magnetic field for quicker spool-up.

The Ti motors are available with “Millennium II”
double winds, with 7-14 turns.
Reedy Ti modifieds; various part nos—$95 suggested retail

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:06 PM
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