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Reedy 4000mAh 30C 6.6V Competition LiFe Battery

Reedy 4000mAh 30C 6.6V Competition LiFe Battery

New from Reedy:

Reedy’s high-capacity 4000mAh 30C Competition LiFe battery is perfect for modified class racing or any class where lower voltage improves lap times. European touring car racers enjoy the power, reliability, and competitiveness that 5-cell NiMH racing offers. Durable 30C 6.6V LiFe (lithium iron phosphate as cathode) batteries deliver similar results in a relatively safe, fast-charging, and reliable package. These qualities also make this battery perfect for Spec Class club racing programs.

Reedy LiFe batteries come with low resistance 4mm socket connections with a 2mm balancing port. A hard case maintains the integrity of the cells and meets EFRA’s dimensional guidelines and rules package for 2010. LiFe compatible charger required


Length: 137.2mm
Width: 45.2mm
Height: 23.2mm
Weight: 250g

#723 – Reedy 30C 4000mAh 6.6V LiFe Battery – $129.99
Available: Jan. 2010

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:01 PM
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