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RDLogics HPI Baja 5B aluminum suspension arms

RDLogics HPI Baja 5B aluminum suspension arms
















New andodized aluminum suspension arms for the HPI Baja 5B. Parts available in purple and silver.

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Part # Description MSRP
BAJ-050 S Aluminum Front Lower Arms – Silver $150.00
BAJ-050 P Aluminum Front Lower Arms – Purple $150.00
BAJ-051 S Aluminum Front Upper Arms – Silver $90.00
BAJ-051 P Aluminum Front Upper Arms – Purple $90.00
BAJ-052 S Aluminum Rear Lower Arms – Silver $150.00
BAJ-052 P Aluminum Rear Lower Arms – Purple $150.00
BAJ-053 S Aluminum Rear Upper Arms – Silver $90.00
BAJ-053 P Aluminum Rear Upper Arms – Purple $90.00
BAJ-ARM S Aluminum Arms Set (8) – Silver $440.00
BAJ-ARM P Aluminum Arms Set (8) – Purple $440.00






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Updated: December 16, 2010 — 8:17 PM
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