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RCP Crawlers Axial AX10 Scorpion Accessories

2-Position Clockable Axle “C”

Now you can “Clock” your pinion angle for either rock crawling competition or for building a scale rig with RCP Crawlers Clockable C-Hubs for the Axial Scorpion. The C-hubs are machined-aluminum for increased durability and looks, and they can be installed in 2 different positions to provide the correct king pin angle to fit the application. 

Item no. – 10322; $28.99 (pair)


Max Clearance Knuckles

These heavy-duty machined-aluminum steering knuckles are designed to increase the Axial Scorpion’s steering radius, while increasing strength. Steering can be increased even further when combined with RCP Crawlers 2-position axle C hubs and soon to be released CVD axles.

Item no. 10324; $28.99 (pair)


Black-Anodized Straight Axle Adaptors

These Straight Axle Adaptors are designed to replace the Axial Scorpion’s rear toe links and knuckles, for a less complicated and more durable straight axle setup. They can be used with the stock bearings and axles, but for the ultimate setup pick up a pair of RCP Crawlers’ Stainless Steel Straight axles. Also available for the Tamiya TLT-1.

Item no. 10326 (Axial Scorpion), 12013 (TLT-1); $28.99, $24.99


Stainless Steel Straight Axles

These ultra-tough Stainless Steel Straight axles are designed to be used with RCP Crawlers’ Black-anodized Straight Axle Adaptors for the ultimate linkage and knuckle-less rear axle setup.

Item no.10328; $23.99




Updated: December 16, 2010 — 7:43 PM
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