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Punch It Racing HV Series LiPo Batteries

Punch It Racing HV Series LiPo Batteries

Punch It Racing has announced that its new line of HV Series Lipo Batteries are now available.  Read the official press release below for more info:

The new 4100mah 60c rated 7.4v Shorty Pack features a 95mm long foot print. Designed for race conditions the custom high density plastic case provides a high level of resistance from weather and crash impact. Included are 4mm bullet style connections molded into the case. With a high 2C (8.9)amp charge rate and 90c burst discharge rate the 4100 Shorty pack is sure to give you the punch you need.

For larger draw applications, the new 6000mah 70c continuous long packs provide a high run time without sacrificing the acceleration. Again featuring a racer oriented high density molded case with 4mm bullet connections.

“These Batteries really have more power than other packs I have used. When you run stock you need as much punch as possible. The Shorty packs seem to have tons of punch. These are going into my cars right away.” – Mike Beaver, Cactus Classic 2wd Short Course 17.5 Stock Winner.

Recently Cody Turner took 3rd in Mod 2wd Short Course at the Short Course Showdown in Tucson, AZ running the new Shorty Packs behind 2nd place Punch It Driver Brian Kinwald.

Look for these battery packs at your favorite hobby store or online.

For more information check out www.punchitracing.com or visit us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/punchitracing

Updated: May 9, 2012 — 9:21 AM
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  1. These batteries work awesome. The shorty packs even have enough juice to push my SC through an entire 10minute A main at nearly full trigger the whole time. For sure worth trying em out. MB

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