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Power Your 4X4 Short Course Truck With LRP’s New Vector X-12L 550 Modified Motors

Power Your 4X4 Short Course Truck With LRP’s New Vector X-12L 550 Modified Motors

LRP’s revolutionary Vector X-12 brushless motors have set new benchmarks in electric motor performance and have quickly become the motor to beat for high-level racing competition!

Now the same level of performance and technology has been created for 4×4 Short Course class racing. 4WD Short Course drivers can now take advantage of the World Championship-winning XTEC X-12 technology. With the all new Vector X-12L Short Course 550 motors, developed for 4WD Short Course racing, even more performance is available at your disposal.

Vector X-12L Features:

  • 550 Size – 75% longer magnet and stack for high power and torque
  • HDS Technology – Optimized winding for power-hungry 4×4 Short Course trucks
  • PreciSensor System – Revolutionary precise sensor positioning for great power, efficiency, and throttle feel
  • 5mm output shaft
  • Re-buildable
  • Easy solder tabs

X-12L Short Course 5.5-turn 550 brushless, modified
Available: Feb. 2011

X-12L Short Course 4.5-turn 550 brushless, modified
Available: Feb. 2011

Updated: June 11, 2015 — 9:32 AM
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  1. Hmmm I think that this release helps to prove that we’ll definitely be seeing a 4×4 SC from AE soon, because we know that when one is released, the pros will have to use LRP stuff, and here is the 550 they will use.

  2. How much KVs the motors have?

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