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OS .18 TZ shatters the two horsepower barrier!

OS .18 TZ shatters the two horsepower barrier!

Prior to our latest dyno test, the most powerful small-block engine we’ve tested was high-strung .12 competition engine. At 1.6 horsepower, this engine put out more power than any small block of any displacement – until now.

In a recent dyno test for an upcoming issue of RC Nitro magazine, the new OS .18 TZ rear-exhaust engine cranked out a record setting 2.28 bhp at 30,500 rpm. It shatters the 2hp barrier for small-block engines well before anyone else had a chance to get close, making more horsepower than four very prominent big-block engines we’ve previously tested. The TZ also set a new high mark for torque, measuring an amazing 83.1 oz.-in. at 25,850 rpm.

The new TZ is a ground-up design that features a 5-port configuration with a turbo head and crank. An all-new 3-needle 11K carb features a big 6.5mm venturi for better breathing. For more information on the .18 TZ and other engines, visit the O.S. Engines website. To discuss this new engine at the RC Zone, home of the best RC forums in the world, Click Here.

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:08 PM
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