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Orion Vortex MR8 And MR8L 1/8 Sensored Brushless Motors

Orion Vortex MR8 And MR8L 1/8 Sensored Brushless Motors

The Vortex MR8 and MR8L are Team Orion’s new 1/8 sensor brushless racing motors! They are equipped with sensors for perfect throttle control and a 4 pole rotor for improved performance. Available in two versions, regular length for buggies and XL for truggies and monster trucks.


  • 1/8 Sensor Technology
  • Race Legal
  • Normal and XL Sizes
  • Rebuildable
  • 4 Pole Rotor for Extra Torque
  • Heat Fins for best cooling

ORI28811 Vortex MR8 1750 KV
ORI28812 Vortex MR8 1950 KV
ORI28813 Vortex MR8 2100 KV
ORI28814 Vortex MR8 2400 KV
ORI28815 Vortex MR8 L 1500 KV
ORI28816 Vortex MR8 L 1750 KV
ORI28817 Vortex MR8 L 1950 KV
ORI28818 Vortex MR8 L 2100 KV
ORI28819 Vortex MR8 L 2400 KV

Updated: April 21, 2011 — 11:08 AM
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