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Online Build: Tamiya Rock Socker

Online Build: Tamiya Rock Socker

Tamiya’s CR-01 platform debuted as a Toyota Land Cruiser and has also been issued as a Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, and Unimog. In its latest lexan, the capable 4-link crawling design lifts its look from the long-lived Stadium Blitzer to create the Rock Socker (not to be confused with rock soccer, which is really tough on your toes).

Includes free box! We miss Tamiya’s classic hand-painted box art, but with a photo you can see what you actually get.


And here’s a look inside the box.


A lot of the kit parts are packed beneath the body.


The chassis’ side rails are stamped aluminum, and there’s a forest of plastic trees in the box. Here are a few…


…and some more, plus the Vise Crawler tires. Note that the beadlock rings are black–if you want the full box-art look, you’ll have to paint them red.


Lettered parts bags and the classic Mabuchi/Johnson 540 motor–traditional Tamiya stuff.



The Rock Socker only requires two colors to achieve the box-art look, with Tamiya PS-23 Gun Metal for the body panels and a shot of black for the rear deck. Everything else is decals.

That’s all for now–next, we start building!


Updated: March 31, 2016 — 12:40 PM
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