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OFNA Hyper 10sc Battery Mod

OFNA Hyper 10sc Battery Mod

One thing that has always seemed a little odd to me about my OFNA Hyper 10sc is how the battery stands up instead of being positioned flat on the chassis. This keeps the battery out of harms way and does allow it to be positioned fairly close to the chassis’ center line, but I could help but think that having it would be better for the center of gravity and for weight distribution. Apparently I’m not alone in my thinking. Tim Bump of NitroHouse.com modifies his battery to allow the battery to be positioned flat on the chassis. I busted out my Dremel and a cutoff wheel and made quick work of the plastic battery box. I like how it came out, but keep in mind that the battery is exposed to potential damage from side impacts.

Updated: May 17, 2011 — 11:05 AM
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  1. Wouldn’t be a problem with my Hyper 10SC if I owned one. Four AA batteries don’t weigh all that much and they fit rather nicely in the radio box.

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