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O’Donnell Z01B 1/8 scale buggy

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Designed by O’Donnell —

tested by Tebo —

and proven in top competition.


The word is out, and the results are in. The Z01-B is easily the

most dependable, durable, consistent buggy platform ever

created for 1/8 scale nitro buggy racing.


• Low-profile oval air filter —

filters out dust, dirt and grime


• Adjustable front/rear



• Aluminum heat sink engine



• Aluminum rear toe-block


• Transponder mount


• Front/rear chassis braces


• Multi-spoke wheels (4)


• Covered wheel nuts


• Race-legal fuel tank w/

splash guard


• Low-profile polycarbonate



• Molded nylon wing


• High-performance rubbersealed



• Independent front

suspension w/adjustable

camber, caster and toe-in


• Rapid Reaction independent

rear suspension w/adjustable

camber, toe-in, ride height

and wheelbase


• Spiral-cut, machined steel

pinion and diff gears for high

efficiency, less friction, better

mesh and more tooth contact


• Sintered metal sun/satellite



• Machined/lightened steel

spur gear


• Hex-head hardware —

Strong, countersunk and strip resistant.

Full-length threads on hardware and attachment

points to “lock” parts in place.


• Sealed receiver box


• 3 constant-pitch spring

sets — Soft, medium and

firm, color-coded for easy



• Captured hinge pins


• Dual-disc brake system

— Features adjustable front/

rear bias, an oversized front

disc, heat-treated hardware

and extra-thick brake


• Dual, high-volume fuel filters

— Minimize maintenance and

hold 5 cc of fuel!


Optimized servo positioning lowers

the CG and turns the arm and linkage

inboard to eliminate impact damage.

Outdrives are machined, lightened

and nickel-plated, to reduce weight

and wear.


Hard anodizing and CNC-machining helps

the ZO1-B’s lightened aluminum towers

outlast anything the track dishes out.

Threaded, hard-anodized aluminum

shocks feature polished 4 mm

shafts and “High-Volume” bodies for

maximum durability and dampening.


Hard-anodized, lightened,

CNC-machined aluminum parts

• Rear shock tower

• Front shock tower

• Front steering knuckles

• Shock caps

• Countersunk main chassis

• Center dogbone driveshafts


Nickel-plated steel parts

• Front/rear CV driveshafts

• Lightened outdrives

• Steering link

• Camber link


Carbon-fiber components

• Servo tray

• Front plate

• Center diff top plate



Length: 20 in (510 mm) Width: 12 in (305 mm) Height: 7.5 in (190 mm)

Weight: 6 lb (2,720 g) Wheelbase: 13 in (330 mm)

F/R Track: 10.25/10.5 in (260/275 mm)


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Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:06 PM
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