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Novak Heavy-Duty 4wd Short Course System

Novak Heavy-Duty 4wd Short Course System

Novak Electronics introduces a new 4WD Short Course system: the Activ8/Vented Ballistic 550 4XSC Brushless System- 4.5T (#3185). This pure-sensor-based brushless racing system has been specifically developed for 4WD short course trucks and will handle any 4×4 SCT applications with ease.

Each cost-saving system contains the following ESC and Brushless Motor which are engineered, built and supported by Novak in Irvine, California:

  • ACTIV8 ESC: Heavy-duty ESC equipped with Novak’s X-Drive™ and Nova-Brakes™ for ultimate driving performance, on-board programming for complete customization, and a heavy-duty BEC to handle the demands of today’s servos. Cooling fan with fan guards included.
  • VENTED BALLISTIC 550: High-torque motor with twice the stator length of Novak’s Ballistic 540 produces the extreme power needed for 4×4 SC trucks, updated vented end bells for added cooling, and is hand-wound with Novak’s low-resistance red wire.


Updated: July 17, 2012 — 3:04 PM
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  1. Is there any particular popular truck model wherein this new system will be integrated???

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