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New Team Checkpoint Li-Po battery, Charger and Balancer


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The premium LiPo power combo for cars and trucks!


7.4V 5400 mAh LiPo Car Battery:

  • Outstanding endurance for uninterrupted running while other modelers are recharging.
  • Exceptional power output makes this pack ideal for competition-level racers.
  • Cells are expertly matched for internal resistance, voltage and capacity.
  • An impact-resistant case protects against damage.



Pro Car LiPo Balancer:

  • Balances individual cell voltages during charge or discharge, and automatically checks for poor quality cells.
  • Can be used alone, or with a separate charger or discharger to precisely control charging/discharging for maximum battery performance.
  • Can handle up to 6 amps (when used with charger or discharger) with the included adapter for Team CheckPoint LiPo batteries.
  • Banana plugs on input leads make for easy connection to charger/discharger.  Designed only for LiPo packs with 2 to 3 cells assembled in series and wired for balancing.



Add on the TC-1030 Pro Charger to create the complete, state-of-the-art balancing/conditioning/charging system!


TCPC3656        7.4V 5400mAh LiPo Car Battery   Retail:$169.99   Street:$129.9

TCPP9150        Pro Car LiPo Balancer                  Retail:$59.99     Street:$39.99

TCPP9100        TC-1030 Pro Charger                    Retail:$279.99   Street:$179.99


IN STOCK:  Now (TCPP9150 available early February)


For more information please visit:  www.bestrc.com/teamcheckpoint/


Updated: December 16, 2010 — 7:42 PM
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