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*New Team Associated SC10 4×4 Video Added

*New Team Associated SC10 4×4 Video Added

Check out this video that explains how the “clicker” feature works on Team Associated’s new SC10 4×4 short course race truck. Find it at rca.airage.com

Direct link to post with video player here

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 5:18 PM
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  1. can not get video to work

    1. I just checked them and they both work, but I’ll forward on your issue to see if the tech guys know why someone may have a problem viewing our videos.

  2. where is the video, all this says is go back to the homepage to find it…

    1. There’s a link in this post that takes you directly to the post with the video. Here it is again for ya.

  3. Any Credit to Losi and the xx-4 guys! Otherwise I think this set up will work well. Associated and its army of drivers will win races and evryone will buy this truck…blah blah same old.

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