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New Losi Accessories – Mini-T Street Tires, Ramminator Dual Motor Conversion Micro-T Oil Shocks and more

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Micro 22’s On-Road Tire Set, Chrome, Mounted (4)


  • Four premounted, solid rubber tires with cool on-road treads
  • Chrome 22mm 5-spoke stylized wheels
  • Four micro E-clips
  • Bolts directly onto any Losi micro-sized vehicle

LOSB1575; $7.99


Dual Motor Conversion: MRam, Ramu

At a Glance

Contains everything a modeler needs to mount a second motor inside the 1/18-scale Raminator or Rammunition monster trucks.


  • Includes Losi Frenzy 370-DK motor, 20-tooth and 22-tooth pinions and mounting screws
  • Motor is simple bolt-in application
  • Motor wires plug directly to truck’s speed controls

LOSB0838; $18.99


Adj Threaded Shk St,Assem(4):Micro-T,B,DT,Ram,Ramu

At a Glance

Great upgrade for all Losi rough-and-tumble micro vehicles, including the Micro-T, Micro-Desert Truck and 1/36 Raminator.


  • Two true oil-filled aluminum shock absorbers
  • Anodized blue threaded coil-over shock body
  • Bladder-sealed shock cap
  • Bottom-loading O-ring shock cartridge
  • Aluminum shock cap and end
  • Tuned springs
  • Shock oil sold seperately

LOSB1605; $28.99


Center Differential 50T Spur Gear: 8B,8T


  • New 50-turn center spur gear fits Losi 8IGHT buggy and truggy
  • Perfect add-on for whenever a lower gear ratio is sought
  • Optimally sized to fit 8IGHT racing platform with no modifications
  • A must for all 8IGHT chassis racers

LOSA3515; $24.99


CA Debonder/Cleaner

Release CA adhesives with ease!

At a Glance

Losi D-Bond is formulated to soften all grades of cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive, including the specialty grades used for gluing RC car tires. D-Bond is excellent for removing dried glue from skin and most surfaces, although it may craze some plastics.


  • Softens and removes all grades of CA adhesives
  • Great for removing dried glue from hands and other undesired surfaces
  • Available in a 1 oz. brush-top bottle

LOSA99206; $4.99


CA-Set Accelerator

At a Glance

Losi CA-Set is specially formulated and packaged for use with cyanoacrylate (CA) type adhesives. CA-Set can be used as a primer or an accelerator without compromising the strength of the bond, even when gluing the most difficult materials. CA-Set is available in a 5 oz. aerosol spray for easier application and greater results.


  • Works with all types of CA adhesives
  • Serves as a primer or an accelorator without detracting from the strength of the bond
  • Available in a 5 oz. aerosol spray

LOSA99205; $8.99





Updated: December 16, 2010 — 8:04 PM
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