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NEW from Losi: ROAR-legal sensored BL systems

Latest from Losi, the Xcelorin brushless lineup now has includes sensored systems, and they’re ROAR-legal. Official info below, talk about it in the Hot News & New Stuff forum. 


High-performance brushless electronic speed control for 1/10-scale vehicles


– Fully programmable sensored ESC for most brushless

540-sized motors of 3.5 turns or more

– Three stored profiles accessable for convenience

– Software interface for unlimited profile settings and tuning

– PC setup software CD included for complete configuration of profiles

– Quick Programming Card

– Forward/Braking or Forward/Braking/Reverse configuration

– Single-step transmitter setup

– Optimized for spread spectrum or traditional radio systems

– Four LEDs to indicate functions, settings and errors

– Adjustable low voltage cutoff

– Automatic thermal protection

– Throttle limits can be set for Forward, Reverse or both


Input voltage: Ni-MH 6–12 cells or 7.2V–14.4V;

LiPo 2–3 cells or 7.4V–11.1V

BEC: 6.0V / 3A

Operating Current: 100A continuous; 540A peak

Motor Limit: 3.5T or higher sensored brushless motors

On-Resistance: 0.00040

Low Voltage Cutoff: Adjustable via program card or PC interface

Drive Profiles: Multiple with program card; unlimited with PC interface; 3 stored

Operating Frequency: Spread spectrum optimized or traditional radio systems

Dimensions (W x L x H): 1.1 in x 1.54 in x 1.3 in

(29.5 x 39mm x 33.2mm); height with fan uninstalled: 0.9 in (23mm)

Weight: 1.7 oz (48 g) without lead wires

LOSB9500 1/10 Sensored Brushless Speed Control



High-performance brushless system for 1/10-scale vehicles


– Sensor cable supplied (different lengths optional)

– No cogging sensor design

– Compatible with most sensored electronic speed controls

– Long-life neodymium sintered rotor for superior torque and

stronger braking

– Precision ball bearings for improved performance

– Low profile, easy-to-solder tabs

– Minimal motor maintenance required


Shaft Length: 0.63 in (16mm) with flat

Shaft Diameter: 0.125 in (3.17mm)

Dimensions (L x D): 2.15 in X 1.4 in (54.5mm x 35.8mm)

Weight: 6.7 oz (190 g)

Motor Connectors: Low profile solder tabs

Sensor Cable: 8.3 in (210mm)

LOSB9400 1/10 Sensored Brushless Motors 3.5T

LOSB9401 1/10 Sensored Brushless Motors 4.5T

LOSB9402 1/10 Sensored Brushless Motors 6.5T

LOSB9405 1/10 Sensored Brushless Motors 8.5T

LOSB9403 1/10 Sensored Brushless Motors 10.5T

LOSB9404 1/10 Sensored Brushless Motors 13.5T

LOSB9406 1/10 Sensored Brushless Motors 17.5T



High-performance brushless system for 1/10-scale vehicles

LOSB9550 1/10 Brushless Sensored ESC/Motor Combo 3.5T

LOSB9551 1/10 Brushless Sensored ESC/Motor Combo 4.5T

LOSB9552 1/10 Brushless Sensored ESC/Motor Combo 6.5T

LOSB9554 1/10 Brushless Sensored ESC/Motor Combo 10.5T

LOSB9555 1/10 Brushless Sensored ESC/Motor Combo 13.5T

LOSB9553 1/10 Brushless Sensored ESC/Motor Combo 17.5T


Included with speed control and controller/motor combos: Quick Programming Card (QPC) and USB Software Interface 

An Xcelorin Advantage: the QPC card allows adjustment to the ESC without the need of a computer no matter where you are. Or, make adjustments and set tuning options from a computer including brake and throttle curve settings using a simple to use graphical software interface.

Updated: December 16, 2010 — 8:03 PM
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