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New Dromida brand launches with 1/18 scale RTRs

New Dromida brand launches with 1/18 scale RTRs

The new Dromida (pronounced like “Andromeda” minus the “an”) lineup of 1/18 scale RTRs look like pretty solid examples of the well-proven shaft-driven 4WD formula, but what really sets this new brand apart is price–the BX4 buggy, MT4 monster truck, and SC4 short-course truck are set to hit shelves at just $99.99. And that’s with a 2.4GHz radio system, full ball bearings, waterproof electronics, a 1300mAh NiMH battery, and plenty of scoot–over 20mph, according to Dromida. You even get oil-filled shocks–for the price, and the scale, we figured they’d be friction jobs. Nope.


Naturally, RCCA will have a full review. Until then, you can visit the Dromida site, join the conversation on our Facebook page, and scope the shots below.


Click to enlarge

















Dromida already has option parts lined up–here’s a fully hopped-up SC4 showing off the gear:


Updated: September 25, 2013 — 5:36 PM
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  1. i want one asap were do i order from

  2. The second time I drove mine the shocks and pinion broke and no one around has any parts. And wasn’t able to find any generic ones for it. Kind of lame. But I fixed it and its working again just has a messed up front wheel now. I can’t find anywhere on the net to buy replacement parts wich is weird.

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