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Thread lock your tools

Everone knows you should thread-lock the screws that thread into metal in nitro cars. but what about the screws that hold your wrench tips in place? To keep your wrenches tight and prevent wear to the setscrew and shafts, apply medium-strength thread-lock to the setscrews. 

May 07, 2013 Comments
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Nov 16, 2011 Comments
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Better body-clip access

If you’re having a hard time plucking the body clip from between your Team Losi Triple-X’s front shocks, just drill a new hole in the front of the body mount. It’s much easier to slide the clip in and out from the front.
Sep 27, 2010 Comments
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Body-clip camber

If your vehicle has turnbuckles with adjustment holes drilled through them, attach a body clip through the hole in one of the turnbuckles. The body clip will work like a handle, so you can make quick adjustments at the track. You’ll also have a body clip ready, just in case you lose one.
Sep 26, 2010 Comments
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Engine Gunk Remover

When you store your nitro engine for the winter, congealed oil sometimes causes the poston to stick in the cylinder. To loosen the pistons, pour a little Liquid Wrench into the flow-plug hole. Wait five minutes, and the piston will then move freely.
Sep 25, 2010 Comments
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Stubborn start solution

If you are having a hard time starting your nitro engine for the first time, add an additional gasket under the glow plug to slightly lower the compression. Make sure that you remove the extra gasket after the first tank, and then proceed with the normal break-in procedure.Roger Post
Newtown, CT
Sep 24, 2010 Comments
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Modified XMods Antenna

RadioShack XMODS’ antenna wires are susceptible to being broken with frequent wrenching. The break is usually where the antenna wire coming from the receiver is soldered to the eyelet that’s connected to the piano-wire antenna extension. The wire is easy enough to solder back on, but you may have to do it over and over. To fix the problem permanently, carefully strip about 1/8 inch of insulation off the end of the wire, and then slide 1/4 inch of thin, heat-shrink tubing over the wire. After you?ve soldered the receiver wire back onto the eyelet, slide the heat-shrink tubing over the junction, and shrink it into place. The tubing will substantially reinforce the joint and help you avoid future antenna-wire problems.
Matt Asplund
Clemson, SC
Sep 22, 2010 Comments
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Cheap RC18 gear cover

To prevent small rocks and dirt from fouling up your RC18T’s spur gear, seal the area above the motor mount and upper deck with electrical tape. It might look hack, but it works well, and the electrical tape is easily removed after you finish running the truck.
Sep 20, 2010 Comments
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Bargain Body Washers

To make inexpensive body washers, use the self-adhesive felt pads that go on the bottom of furniture legs. Just pick up the size you need, and use a single hole punch to make openings for the body posts.
Sep 19, 2010 Comments
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Mini Frog Hingepin Helper

The Tamiya GB-01 Mini Frog has steel hingepin braces that fit inside slots in the front suspension-arm mount. The braces always seem to fall out when you try to install the arm mount on the chassis. To prevent this from happening, glue the hingepins to the arm mount. You can use CA, but Shoe-Goo works better.
Sep 18, 2010 Comments
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